Amazon Shoppers Claim This AI-Powered Toothbrush ‘Totally Changed’ Their Oral-Hygiene Routines—And It’s 20% Off

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Maybe it’s my health anxiety—the traumatic cavity fillings and continued fear of the dentist—but I’m a bit intense about my oral hygiene. I’ll do anything and everything I can at home to make in-office cleanings and check-ups as painless as possible. Beyond the standard twice daily brushing and flossing, I think a lot about how my oral-care "tools" can optimize my routine. I’ve tried the analog approach and used a manual, soft-bristled toothbrush, the fully silicone kind that are supposed to polish teeth while brushing, and the electric ones that use sonic pulses to clean teeth, but nothing really wowed me until I tried the Oral-B iO Series 8 Electric Toothbrush ($200).

I know, $200 bucks is a lot of cash to spend on a toothbrush, but this isn’t just any toothbrush—it's like the FitBit of toothbrushes. In addition to Oral-B’s signature round brush head and micro-vibrations, the iO Series 8 Toothbrush is a smart toothbrush, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that’ll teach you about your own teeth and coach you to brush better. It's so smart, Amazon shoppers have dubbed it, "the best electric toothbrush" they've ever owned that, "totally changed" their oral-care routines.

oral-b io series 8 toothbrush with the replacement heads, travel case, charging dock, and the box
Oral-B, iO Series 8 Electric Toothbrush — $200.00

Originally $250, now $200

The iO Series 8 Toothbrush includes the rechargeable brush handle, 3 brush heads, a travel case, and a magnetic charging dock. Snag yours for 20 percent off now.

At 20 percent off its original, even heftier price tag, the Oral-B iO is well worth the investment. I’ve been using it for a solid 3 months, and I’ll never use another toothbrush again.

Why I love the Oral-B iO Series 8

1. You can track your brushing in real-time on the iO app

Once you download the Oral-B app and connect it to the iO toothbrush via Bluetooth, you can take your pick between 6 smart modes: daily clean, intense, whitening, gum care, sensitive, and super sensitive for a personalized clean. Then, the AI inside of it will "coach" you along the way to help improve your brushing, and by extension, your oral health.

While the thought of using artificial intelligence to brush your teeth might be cause for an eye-roll, it really did help me be extra mindful about how I’m caring for my teeth. I can follow along with a map of my mouth on the Oral-B app, and watch the "zones" on the map slowly illuminate as I brush, eventually turning white to signal a sparkling clean. Spoiler alert: achieving a perfect clean all over takes more time than you’d think, around 2 and a half minutes.

oral-b iO screenshots
From left: the Oral-B iO app pre-brushing, during, and after brushing on the Gum Health Challenge.

2. Smart pressure sensors keep you from brushing too hard

Because a more-is-more approach isn’t always the healthiest when caring for your teeth and gums, the iO Series 8 Toothbrush uses smart-pressure sensors to save me from obliterating my gums and enamel. A small light between the handle and brush head blinks red to indicate that you’re pressing too hard, and conversely, goes green to tell you when the pressure is just right—giving you a better handle on how to brush. What’s more, the iO app will highlight the areas of your mouth where you brush with too much pressure, so you know where to take it easy next time.

3. Challenges and medals help you stay consistent

When life gets in the way and oral hygiene takes a back seat, the iO app has health-boosting "challenge" that’ll inspire you to step up your game. For example, to help address some inflammation my dentist pointed out along my gum line, I opted into the Gum Health challenge, which includes a pre-set routine created to boost gum health. This means the smart mode is automatically set to the "Gum Health" setting, where I’m prompted to floss and rinse with mouthwash at the end of every nightly brushing, and the app even prompts a daily self assessment to track my progress. Challenges aside, the iO app will award you medals when you hit certain milestones, like midnight brushing, a solid brush-streak, and remembering to floss at night. All of which are the perfect incentives to keep my oral care on track.

Tl;Dr: The Oral-B iO Toothbrush is essentially a FitBit for your teeth, making it an absolute no-brainer for anyone who’s on a mission to improve their oral-care routine this year. Snag yours on Amazon while it’s on sale.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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