Orangetheory Is Becoming Pure #travelgoals With Its Latest Endeavor: Pop-up Classes in Hotels

Photo: Orangetheory
As nice as it would be to have some downtime while traveling, that's not usually the case: whether it's for business or play, your schedule is usually totally jam-packed, and finding the time to squeeze in a workout amidst all the craziness is a true miracle. That's why having a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs right in the comfort of your hotel is the epitome of convenient, and Orangetheory's new pop-up gyms are making sure you're only a quick elevator ride away from your favorite sweat sesh.

As another iteration of one of our healthy-living trends we're predicting for 2019—having plenty of wellness options readily available under one roof—Orangetheory just announced that it's bringing its focus to travelers with its first endeavor into the pop-up world. According to Digiday, the chain has already launched in one location—the Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida—and that's only the beginning. They'll be launching in 12 more hotels in 2019—all of which will feel just like your typical classes—and they'll be led by top trainers from across the country.

"Orangetheory wants to provide members with a great workout experience while traveling," Orangetheory's chief brand officer, Kevin Keith, tells me. "While any future locations are strictly confidential, I can say we're actively exploring more global, upscale hotel destinations in iconic culture capitals around the world. The Boca Beach Club pop-up will be used for us to perfect the experience."

Right now, each pop-up gym is set to last six months, giving travelers the option of taking a class for $30 if they're non-gym members and $20 if they are. And it gets better: Along with the sweat-inducing classes, Keith is also looking at creating packages where you can get your exercise in at the gym then enjoy the hotel's other amenities, too, like a trip to the spa. Basically, they're making it real easy to never need to leave your hotel. Like, ever.

The next time you book a hotel, look for more than just soft pillows, healthy eats, and a great spa. If you're lucky, Orangetheory—or another boutique fitness studio—might be on the amenities list, too.

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