4 Expert-Approved Methods for Using Organization to Maximize Productivity (Plus the Product Recs That Can Help)

Think of the settings where you've felt most productive. Public workspaces, a coffee shop, or even your living room. If you’re wondering what those spaces have in common, it could have something to do with the organization of the space.

“Having a clean, well-appointed space with all things put in a designated area has proven to not only increase productivity but also reduce anxiety,” says Jacqui Knapp, professional organizer and CEO of Knapp House. "The goal idea is to keep one focused with less visual distractions and/or chaos. When each space works and all systems are put into place, the more we want it to remain that way."

This philosophy is especially true for people who naturally have trouble focusing or are easily distracted (did you know people's attention spans are shrinking with every generation?), which is why Knapp is a big fan of using organization to create structure.

"Life today means younger people are pulled in numerous directions with shorter attention spans, frenetic lifestyles, FOMO, you name it," she says. "My true belief is that most humans crave structure, however, life can be overwhelming. ...Getting organized helps create continuity. Having a system means staying focused, and this learned behavior is a recipe for success!"

If that sounds like you, or if you're just looking to add some more productivity to your life this new year, Knapp has some organization tips that can help—starting by gathering a few savvy organizing tools from Walmart, which is lowkey the ultimate destination for getting everything you need to support your wellness goals in 2022.

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1. Cultivate a can-do mindset

Before you set your goal of creating a productive environment, believing you can make it happen is key—and Knapp agrees.

“It’s all about cultivating a can-do mindset and acknowledging that this is a process that focuses on the big picture," she says. "The challenge of setting goals and keeping in step with organization is actually simple, but not always easy."

To help you get motivated to tackle your organization project, you can read up on decluttering tips (like these! or this handy home organization guide) and begin to gather supplies. Start by stocking up on modern baskets and other receptacles that will give odds and ends a designated home, helping to decrease clutter.

2. Categorize visible and closeted items

When your goal is minimizing distractions in your space, it's helpful to think about what items you want to be visible and accessible for daily use, and which items might be better suited to be stored away in a drawer or closet.

But don't take that as an invitation to shove everything in a closet and lock the door (the goal is real organization, remember?). As part of this productivity-boosting process, you'll want to sort through your less visible spaces, too.

“Pull everything out, line it up, group like with like, sort, categorize, reorganize where you can see everything lined up," she says. "[For] closets, group clothing by season, style, length, and what you go to first. Now it’s time to edit, donate, resale.”

If your storage spaces need an upgrade, opt for a modern six-drawer dresser, and snag a modular shelf for your display-worthy collectibles.

3. Celebrate your goals

Bookmarking organizing tips, scheduling shopping time, and scoping online sales to elevate your home is enough to make you feel overwhelmed. Instead of looking at every step ahead, enjoy the little wins along the way.

Knapp’s pro tip: Create a wall where you can mount all of your accomplishments. “I call it the Wall of Fame,” she says.

To make your own, start by adding some fun peel-and-stick wallpaper to an accent wall. Then, hang up a round wall mirror and attach handwritten notes and encouraging messages, so you feel celebrated every time you look in the mirror.

4. Set a deadline

It’s okay to take your time (reorganizing is a process, after all), but Knapp still recommends setting a realistic deadline for yourself to complete your project. “Put a hard date on the calendar and stick to it," Knapp says. "Do not let things sit for more than two weeks."

Giving yourself a defined time frame will help keep you accountable, because let's be honest—these types of projects are way too easy to put off for another day. A trick for helping yourself gain some momentum? Start with the most highly trafficked areas in your home, whether that's your work-from-home space, kitchen, or your entryway.

Organizing tools like wooden wall hooks or mounted shelves with key hooks are, in Knapp’s opinion, “great for the drop area” and helpful when you're trying to reduce those ‘where are my keys’ moments. Another of her go-to items are small storage carts on wheels that allow you to move them around based on your needs. And with all of this organization intel, you'll be a productivity pro in no time.

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