How To Stop Evil Mosquitos From Ruining Life in Your Backyard

If it can be helped, there's no way anyone's electing to stay inside this summer. You can still get some fresh air mindfully—we'll say it for the millionth time: if you're socializing, wear a mask—and maybe even indulge in some outdoor dining. But while you're feasting on your corn cob, mosquitos are feasting on you. Any useful outdoor mosquito repellent ideas are very welcome right now, since it looks like the murder hornets are AWOL.

Well, in the great words of Rihanna, don't let the bastards get you down. We rounded up a few products and hacks that can work as outdoor mosquito repellent to let you enjoy your outdoor space without pests.

1. First off, you can always go the bug zapper route

Shop: Intelable Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper, $36

Another my colleague loves is currently sold out, but this is a virtually the same thing that combines zapping powers with a luring blue light. Way harsh, but it definitely gets the job done.

2. Or you can get mosquitos at the source, in bodies of water

Shop: Summit Mosquito Dunks, $24

Here's the situation: Mosquitos are attracted to standing bodies of water, which can include but is not limited to vases, pet water bowls, buckets pool covers, birdbaths, trash cans, and rain barrels. And even better, mosquitos love love love to lay their eggs in these bodies of water! Be mindful of anything you can pour out; if you're dealing with something like a pond or birdbath, these mosquito dunks will take care of mosquito larvae.

3. Light some incense

Shop: Naturalive Anti-Mosquito Incense Sticks, $23

These sticks are made from a lovely blend of mosquito repellants, including Citronella oil, lemongrass oil and rosemary oil. They're a "no chemical, safe for all family members," option, and also ideal for Grown-Up Teen Witches like myself, who are looking to use their incense holder and keep their skin mosquito-safe.

4. Spray yourself and your clothes with repellent

Shop: Murphy’s Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, $10

Speaking of skin, this is a well-loved topical insect repellent that's worth a spray! It features lemon eucalyptus oil (lovely!) a CDC-verified ingredient so long as it's properly mixed. That is, don't use your diffuser to ward off mosquitos, it's not the same. Anyway, while this isn't an overpowering option, keep your usage down to two sprays a day!

5. Get yourself a standing oscillating fan

Shop: Honeywell Double Blade Fan, $53

This is actually a New York Times-vetted hack, as it would turn out. If you have an oscillating fan as a tall and proud guardian of your backyard, it might help ward mosquitos away. Despite being vicious and awful, mosquitos are notoriously weak fliers, so time to bring this bad boy outside!

7. Or use a small box stand

Shop: High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Phone Fan, $53

One of my colleagues swears by the great success of putting a box fan under the table when eating. Mosquitos can't easily fly through the breeze. Finally, your legs won't look battle-scarred all season!

8. Or seriously, just light yourself a Citronella candle

Shop: Citronella Candles, Set of Three, $47

Maybe not as a mosquito repellent because their effectiveness isn't super strong, but because these look pretty.

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