Outdoor Voices Polka Dot Print Is Back—And It Already Has a 2K Person Waitlist

Photo: Outdoor Voices
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It's not the holidays if Home Alone isn't blaring in the background of your home about 80 percent of the waking hours. And while Harry and Marv's trick falls and Kevin McAlister's aftershave scream get all the spotlight, I think that John Candy as the Polka King of the Midwest takes the cake. Apparently, the people at Outdoor Voices feel similarly (this has not, however, been verified), because the brand is re-releasing its popular polka dot print in new styles as well as some old favorites—just in time for the holidays and Polka! Polka! season. What's more? The prints already have a 2,000 person waitlist, so if we were you, we'd sign up ASAP.

One of the original exercise dress prints, the polka dot pattern rose to fame in the 2018 era of athleisure, when it was rare to find anything other than leggings and matching crop tops for activity. The exercise dress—and the corresponding bright colors, and in this case, fun print—helped to open up a new category of sportswear that was really meant to encourage movement in any form that it takes—walking the dog, taking a hike, rolling over from your left side to your right side on the couch, traveling long distances with a polka band because you forgot your son at home while you flew to Paris. Shop the prints in its many forms below.

The Exercise Dress — $100.00

The polka-dotted dress that started it all is back. This time it has adjustable straps, in addition to those pocketed bike shorts that help you stash your cell phone, keys, and wallet.

Move Free 6" Short — $48.00

Give me a bike short that doesn’t budge once it’s in place, and I’ll give you a whopping high five. These are some of my favorites, and it doesn’t hurt that the print makes them all the more fun.

Move Free 3/4 Legging — $88.00

These leggings give you just a little more coverage than the bike shorts, but their fit is essentially the same. They’re a bit compressive, and when you put them on, they don’t ride up or fall down—a true feat!

The Exercise 3" Skort — $68.00

God bless the makers of the skort, which truly allows you to do it all.

Doing Things Bra — $58.00

OV’s classic Doing Things bra offers just enough support and lift for doing all the things—imagine that.

Rib Longsleeve — $58.00

This ribbed long sleeve is kind of perfect whether you’re wearing it as an internal layer or as a flashy addition to black leggings. Win-win.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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