I Tried Revamping My Beauty Routine While I Slept—and Tbh, I’ve Never Felt Better

I don't know about you, but sleeping ranks number one on my list of favorite things to do, ever. Where else can I go into total relaxation mode without anyone bothering me at all?

Since I usually start counting down the minutes until bedtime from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, when I'm faced with the choice between hitting the pillow and launching into an elaborate beauty routine, my pillow wins 10 times out of 10.

As you can imagine, this order of priorities has left my skin and hair in need of some attention, which got me to thinking—what if I didn't have to choose? What if I could log my eight hours and give myself a glow-up at the same time? (I mean, they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing.)

I started researching overnight beauty hacks, and decided to dedicate my personal snooze time to giving my routine a much-needed upgrade. From HUM Nutrition's beauty-boosting supplements that work their magic overnight to silk bedtime essentials, dreaming can really churn out glowing results, without any extra work.

Keep reading for the 3 overnight beauty hacks I tried for amping up my routine while I snoozed.

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Popped a beauty-boosting supplement

First up, I wanted to tackle my complexion. Since sleep is supposed to be the time when I do the absolute least, I was looking for a low-effort, big-impact addition to my routine—which is where HUM Nutrition's Mighty Night entered my life, and ultimately got me off the hook for locking in a natural glow myself.

Made with ceramides that help retain moisture, plus ferulic acid and CoQ10 to help protect skin from free radicals, the clean, natural, and clinically proven ingredients in Mighty Night helps promote skin-cell turnover overnight for a more radiant-looking complexion come morning. All I had to do was take two softgels every night before bed (which took way less time than upgrading to a full on skin-care routine), and my face already feels smoother and looks brighter after just one month of taking it.

In addition to those skin-boosting ingredients, the formula also includes valerian root, passion flower, and hops—all of which helped me actually stay asleep, which is a constant struggle for me. Not only did I sleep through the night for the most consecutive nights that I can remember, but my face also felt all-around refreshed—rather than dry and flaky like it usually does this time of year. Confirmed: Beauty sleep is real.

Added silk to my set-up

I'm late to the party on silk pillowcases, but after I realized how harsh other materials can be on your skin during those eight hours, I decided to slip on a silk face mask and outfitted my pillows in satiny goodness.

Before my bedtime upgrade, I always woke up with creases on my cheeks, but this silky swap decreased those marks, leaving me with a smooth finish every morning (and less of a giveaway that I faceplant into my bed every night).

Started masking...my hair

Nearly eight months ago I went from having dark chocolate-hued hair to bleach blond—and, talk about maintenance. My hairdresser gave me a long list of protective measures I should take to keep my icy strands intact, but I've given less than my best effort in following her instructions.

That's when the idea of an overnight hair mask hit me. I've never found the patience for a leave-in conditioner that requires waiting 15 minutes before washing it out, but leaving on a hair-dresser-approved mask was exactly what I needed to wake up with luscious, blond locks.

Multitasking has always filled me with a sense of pride (I'm a total boss, thanks for asking), and now I feel this ego boost every day, making my morning alarm clock less painful—especially when my skin straight-up glows, from literally the inside-out, without having to do more than take my nightly supplement and shut my eyes.

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