This New Water Bottle Is a Dead Ringer for the Coveted Stanley Tumbler—Only It’s $15 Cheaper (and Already Selling Out)

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Okay look, I’ll admit it: I own more water bottles than any single person needs to. I have a designated cabinet for them and it’s filled to the brim with colorful seasonal Starbucks cups, varying sizes of BlenderBottles, a few Swig tumblers, and, of course, my beloved pink Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler ($40). As many bottles and tumblers as I have, though, it’s my Stanley that’s reigned supreme—so much so, that I really haven’t ventured into my cabinet at all. The reason? Nothing compares to the heavy-duty, extra-large vessel, complete with a straw, handle, and tapered bottom that fits in my car's cupholder. Of course, now there’s a new kid (er, tumbler) on the block and my interest was nothing short of piqued when I caught wind of the news.

Piggybacking off the booming success of the Owala FreeSip bottle ($27) (which has over 14,000 5-star reviews thanks to its unique 2-in-1 drinking mechanism that lets you sip through a straw or gulp through a spout), the brand is back with another silhouette that’s here to give Stanley a run for its money. Meet the Owala 40oz. Travel Tumbler ($35)—an insulated, splash-resistant tumbler with a 2-in-1 slider lid so that it can be used with or without a straw that just launched exclusively at Target.

Owala, 40oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Handle — $35.00

Available exclusively at Target in four colors: Panther Paw (black), Polar Brr (white), Whimsical Daydream (lilac), and Saltwater Starfish (navy blue).

All in all, it’s very similar to the coveted Stanley—especially Stanley's newest iteration, the Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler ($50)—but a few things do stand out, including its more-affordable price tag. Scroll to read why I'm reaching for this Stanley *TikTok voice* DUPE over the real thing.

Everything I love about my Owala 40oz Travel Tumbler

It's easy to clean

For starters, the Owala 40oz Travel Tumbler is very easy to clean since the slider lid pops off. So, where water and soap can potentially get trapped under the rotating mechanism on top of a Stanley, the Owala ensures that you can fully clean and dry every part of the lid, which is super nice. (It’s worth mentioning that you can technically remove the tab from a Stanley, however, it’s not nearly as convenient to do so. That said, if you’ve always wondered: Here’s how to remove your Stanley tab.)

It's splash-proof

Another highlight? The Owala tumbler has a silicone lining on the straw opening, which helps prevent splashes and spills. (The new Stanley has this, too. When I walk around carrying a completely full OG Stanley by the handle, a few drops are bound to spill out. That’s not the case with the Owala, which is practically spill-proof unless you flip it upside down and really try to get it to leak.

Additionally, the Owala Tumbler has an indented, ergonomic handle that makes it fit more comfortably in the grip of your hand. It’s not a major design attribute but it does make a slightly noticeable difference when taking it on the go.

It's more affordable

Best of all, the Owala Travel Tumbler is less than $35. Considering how quickly Stanleys sell out and how much prices skyrocket when folks try to re-sell them (with some selling online for over $100), I’d say this tumbler is definitely worth considering if you can’t get your hands on TikTok’s favorite tumbler, or if you simply prefer the aesthetic. Just get one fast—Like the Stanley, this trendy water bottle is already selling like hotcakes. Looks like the Panther Paw (black) is already sold out, with Saltwater Starfish (lilac) close behind, so get your new Owala drinking buddy while you still can.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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