Meet the New Credit Card That Wants To Reward You for Committing to a Wellness Routine

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In 2017, we asked women of different income levels how much they shelled out on health and wellness each month. We found that "wellness spending" meant something a little different for everyone: Monthly expenses that respondents clocked as supportive to their well-being included $25 menstrual health subscriptions, $50 gym memberships, and $360 spent on physical therapy. The theme? Everyone has their own definition of "wellness" and Paceline—a new wellness platform with a just-launched credit card from Visa—wants to make sure you're reaping the rewards of your unique wellness fingerprint in cold, hard cash.

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  • Jess Bieligk, Jess Bieligk is Paceline’s Chief Commercial Officer where she leads commercial strategy and product development. Jess joined Paceline in early 2020 and was instrumental in establishing Paceline’s partnerships business before expanding her role to oversee the company’s financial services offerings.

As more and more folks prioritize financial wellness, Paceline is giving your healthy habits the travel rewards treatment by helping folks receive up to five percent unlimited cash back on eligible health and wellness spends (including gyms, grocery stores, pharmacies, and athleisure brands), and up to three percent unlimited cash back on other eligible purchases. The brand has already partnered with some well-known names—including Equinox, Mirror, Outdoor Voices, CVS, and Instacart, to name a few—to offer cash back and will be adding more brands to this roster in the future, according to a press release.

To sweeten the pot, Paceline doubles your cash-back rewards if you hit 150 minutes—called "Paceline Minutes"—of exercise each week. The card comes with a $60 yearly membership fee, and you will have to have a wearable synced with your Paceline account to verify your activity... but the brand has found a way to help you acquire said fitness tracker. Card members can buy the Apple Watch Series 7 and earn back the cost of the hardware as they swipe the card at Paceline-friendly wellness spots.

In addition to the cash-back earnings, a Paceline app gets you access to discounts and gift cards for other health-conscious brands like Daily Harvest, Hyperice, and Alala.

Earning money back is great—no doubt—but as the first true "wellness" credit card, Paceline wants its impact to go far beyond the swipe, spend, save model, says Jess Bieligk, Paceline’s chief commercial officer who leads commercial strategy and product development for the brand. This all starts with an in-app experience that allows you to see your investment in movement and wellness pay off before your eyes. "You're logging into a lifestyle experience, you're logging in to see if you've completed your elevated heart rate minutes, you're logging in to see the curated wellness branded offers that are being presented to you. And then we just happen to have embedded a credit card tab within that where you're seeing the real-time tangible financial reward you're getting for that physical activity," she tells Well+Good.

Because this is the first iteration of the Paceline app, Bieligk is eager to see how her card members help Visa improve the card's utility in the future. "Everybody's definition of health and wellness is unique, so we want people to join our community, be part of our movement, and help define what the future of health and wellness should look like for our society so that we are all healthier," she says. As the scope of wellness broadens to include more people and life experiences, so, too, will Paceline.

When it comes to racking up the most credit card cash-back and points, fighting over who's going to pay for spin class is the next fighting over the dinner bill. Download the Paceline app here. 

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