5 Packable Sun Hats That Won’t Get Smushed On-the-Go

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Hot, sunny days are upon us, which means prioritizing sun protection is highly important. To see out the mission to enjoy the summer season safely, you can of course commit to applying SPF liberally and repeatedly, but that's just the beginning. The clothes and accessories you wear can also help protect you from the sun, and sun hats are a fashionable tool to help you do just that. They can also be quite functional, thanks to the advent of packable sun hats.

Some hats can be fussy, requiring their own travel case in order to save them from imminent smushing inside a suitcase. Other hats, though, are not like that, and they deserve a spot on your summer-getaway packing list, whether that's inside a beach tote for a day trip or a checked bag for your first post-lockdown vacation. These kinds of packable sun hats are refreshingly low-maintenance, and are designed to for durable on-the-go use without losing their shape. Shop the following five packable sun hats, and get ready to safely and conveniently enjoy your summertime.

5 packable sun hats that won't get smushed in your bag

Madewell Packable Braided Straw Hat — $40.00

This lightweight, flexible straw hat is a solid choice for people who want to protect their face from the sun but aren’t into the ~drama~ of ultra-wide brims. It comes in olive, natural, nutmeg, and black—the perfect assortment of neutrals to go with everything.




Columbia Global Adventure Packable Hat II — $26.00

This hat is one that’s described as not needing to be coddled while you travel. It has built-in UPF 30 to help protect your scalp and face from the sun, and it comes in straw, white, navy, and blue striped.

Rag & Bone Packable Straw Fedora — $225.00

Fedoras are like White Claws—do we love them? Hate them? Who knows! What is known is that this chic fedora will look great on your head and won’t get crushed in your suitcase. The white color looks crisp, and the crocheted band gives it summer vibes.

Gigi Pip Lyric Visor — $62.00

ICYMI, straw visors are a necessity for shot girl summer. This one can be stuffed in a beach bag and emerge just as pretty. The black and white ribbon helps this visor stand out from the crowd, and it allows you to adjust the size.

Brixton Petra Packable Bucket Hat — $49.00

Bucket hats are back, baby. Just embrace it. You can roll this woven hat up so that it barely takes up any space in your bag, and it has a sweatband (which should really be a feature on all hats). Keep it simple and get it in white, or embrace the cow print.

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