3 Genius Ways to Use a Hotel Shower Cap When You’re Traveling

Photo: Stocksy/Kayla Snell

As far as hotel amenities go, I will admit that I have booked trips based almost entirely on their bathroom products. A luxurious tub is important, sure, but so is having a selection of travel-sized Aesop products, which I habitually hoard in my suitcase every time the room service cart comes around.

The shower cap, however, is something I tend to leave untouched. But actually, the least glamorous bathroom freebie is low-key amazing and majorly useful on-the-go, according to Apartment Therapy.

Make the most of your shower cap with these 3 hacks.

1. Keep the sand out

I know it's hard to have qualms about a beach day, but there is one—the sand. Sure, it's nice while you're actually at the beach, but once you leave, the stuff lingers for weeks. To save yourself from a sandy IRL #TBT, pack a shower cap in your beach bag, and before leaving, stash your beach items in it. 

2. Protect your electronics

Whether you're lounging poolside or visiting rainy London for the royal wedding, water is an issue when it comes to electronics. To keep them protected, wrap them up in your emergency shower cap when you're not using them.

3. Prevent shoe contamination

So how do you keep road dirt from getting all over the rest of the items in your pristinely packed suitcase? Use your shower cap as a pseudo shoe bag to prevent them from getting grime on your belongings.

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