The One Oil That Padma Lakshmi Always Adds to Her Bath

Photo: Instagram/@padmalakshmi

Padma Lakshmi knows how to keep busy: She's a master food taste-tester on Bravo's Top Chef, endometriosis awareness spokesperson, chef,  author, model, and a mother on top of it all. So of course the woman's a fan of a good ol' bath.

And Lakshmi doesn't just take the Epsom salt sort—she's got an entire arsenal of holistic recipes that she's picked up from her family in India.

In a recent interview with Byrdie, the television personality reveals the exact luxurious soak she prefers—and it's one that's as brilliant as it is nourishing. "Jojoba oil [is] just a good thing to have in the house in general," says Lakshmi, who loves the oil for its even texture, which mirrors the molecular structure of your skin's sebum. "I also add it to a hot bath. It’s a very common practice for Indians to take oil baths once a week."

"Adding the oil into the bathwater with some essential oils is really helpful."

She goes on to say that though she loves the uber-warm temps for her self-care ritual, it can take a toll on one's complexion. "I love a very hot shower or very hot bath, but it’s also really bad for your skin to take such a hot bath like that," says Lakshmi. "So adding the oil into the bathwater with some essential oils is really helpful.” You can hydrate your skin while giving yourself some TLC—multitasking at its finest.

These are all of the benefits and uses of jojoba oil. And, to copy Lakhsmi, here's how to mix essential oils

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