The Bathrobe That Sold Every 15 Seconds During Cyber Week Makes the Best Gift

Photo: Parachute
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Just because the Black Friday shopping-palooza has finally died down doesn't mean gifting season is over. For many of us, Black Friday was just the kickoff of gifting season—we've still got a few names to check off our shopping lists. If you're stuck on what to get your mom/your sister/your partner/your partner's mom, I'd like to introduce you to the Parachute bathrobe—a bathrobe so luxurious and universally-loved, one sold every 15 seconds during Cyber Week, according to a brand representative.

By now, you've surely stumbled across Parachute somewhere on your social media feed. The DTC home goods brand is a goldmine for IG-worthy bedding that looks as good on your bed as it is to sleep in. Over the years, the brand has expanded its offerings to other premium home products, selling everything from hotel-quality bedroom furniture, to dreamy, never-taking-them-off PJs. One of its most popular new products? Its line of luxe, resort-worthy bathrobes so snuggly, it sold like hotcakes during Cyber Week.

Classic Turkish Cotton Robe — $99.00

Your classic, plush robe. It’s perfectly slouchy and comes with two front pockets for hands-free R&R.

Cloud Cotton Robe — $99.00

Airy and breathable, this robe lives up to its name. It swaps the plush fabric for a 4-ply Turkish cotton gauze that’s a dream to lounge in.

Waffle Robe — $119.00

Talk about spa-worthy. The light, waffle-knit texture is so good you won’t want to take it off… ever.

You know how some bathrobes just have that "spa quality"? Like, when you put it on, it makes you feel like you should be padding around a pool barefoot listening to Enya while drinking a fresh glass of cucumber water? That's Parachute's bathrobes—they're like something you'd find on a Red Door retreat, transporting you to a day of relaxation each and every time you slip it on. And for $120 or less, they make a perfect present for the person who needs a little self-care in your life (aka, everyone).

Here are your choices: first, there's the Classic Cotton Robe ($99), which is that classic, plush robe you know and love. It's just the right amount of oversized, giving you room to relax and kick-back in comfort. Then there's the Cloud Cotton Robe ($99), which is as light and feathery as a cloud. It has pockets, too, but instead of the thick cushy fabric, it's made of a thinner 4-ply cotton gauze that's ultra-breathable and perfect for your friends and family who run hot.

And then, there's the crown jewel—the Waffle Robe ($119) which resembles something you'd find hanging in the closet at the Four Seasons. It's supremely comfortable, made of a light-but-warm waffle knit that's the definition of luxe. All three are available in a range of sizes and stunning colors, making them a no-brainer of a gift if you're still checking off that shopping list.

Good news is, they didn't sell out during Cyber Week. The bad news is, they're no longer on sale. BUT you can still get yours in time for the holidays—just place your Parachute order by Dec. 15 to get free ground shipping by Christmas Eve. A robe this good will change your mom's/your sister's/your partner's/your partner's mom's self-care game forever, which is the gift that really keeps on giving.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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