I’m Typically a Sweaty Sleeper—But Parachute’s New Cloud-Light Pajamas Keep Me Cool and Comfy as Can Be

Photo: Courtesy of Parachute
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The folks at home linens brand Parachute know a thing or two about feeling comfortable in bed. Since its founding in 2014 as a line of quality bedding, the brand's ethos has been about making the home softer and smoother around the edges, with the bed and its coverings as the main focus. So when it expanded into loungewear last year, it was no surprise that the pieces were as lightweight and lovely as their linens. Now, you can expect the same lightness—plus even more softness—from the new Parachute Organic Cloud Cotton pajamas.

Made from a lighter iteration of Parachute’s best-selling Organic Cloud Cotton fabric, the new pajamas feel quite literally like wrapping yourself up in a super-soft blanket—but with all the airflow necessary to stay cool throughout the night.

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Case in point: I usually try to sleep with as little clothing on as possible (if any), so when I learned that the bottoms in the collection were full-length pants rather than shorts, I was skeptical of how breezy they’d really be. But I can confirm that after wearing the new Organic Cloud Cotton Tee along with, yes, the pants, I wasn’t left sweating or whipping off the pants midway through the night. Instead, I just felt a little more swaddled in softness than I normally do with bare legs. And that’s impressive, given the temperatures outside where I live, in New York City, have been well into the 80s at night, and my air conditioning is just not all that powerful.

The new Parachute Cloud Cotton pajamas have their lightweight 100-percent cotton fabric to thank for their softness and airiness—which can contribute to good sleep, says sleep specialist Angela Holliday-Bell, MD. “I always recommend light, breathable fabrics, like cotton when it comes to finding pajamas for the best sleep,” she says. “The reason why is that your body temperature has to drop by one to two degrees at night to facilitate sleep, and if you wear a heavier fabric to bed, it can cause you to overheat, leading to poor sleep quality and lighter sleep overall.”

Just like in the brand’s Organic Cloud Cotton bedding, the cotton used in the pajamas has the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification—meaning it is certified to be at least 70-percent organic—and the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification, signifying that each component of it has been tested for and is free from potentially harmful chemicals. And all of the above may make these pajamas an extra-safe option for anyone prone to skin irritation or sensitivity.

For added comfort, the items in the new Parachute pajamas collection are also woven into a two-ply gauze, pre-washed, and cut for a relaxed and oversized fit. In other words? They’ve thought of everything to give these pajamas all the smooth, worn-in softness you want, with none of the heft, constriction, or clinginess you don’t.

In addition to the boatneck tee and elastic waist-band pants that I tried (which are available in both men’s and women’s cuts), the collection includes roomy, button-down long-sleeve shirts and a breezy sleep dress with a high-low hem and gathered sleeves to keep your hands free for nighttime or morning routines. All pieces are available in sizes XS to 3XL and in three earthy tones to fit the brand’s classic muted vibe: Clover (mauve-taupe), Dusk (blue), and Bone (off-white).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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