The Brand Behind the Most Comfortable Underwear on the Planet Just Launched a $28 Bralette

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I never thought I would be the type of person who posted underwear selfies on the Internet, but when I scored my first pair of Parade undies, I couldn't resist. I fell so deeply in love that I had to scream about it from the rooftops—or at least, from my Instagram feed. They're so dang comfortable I've slept in them every night for a year (don't worry—I have 10 pairs that I wash and rotate), and somehow manage to make me feel sexy as hell despite the fact that they're basically rainbow-colored granny panties. Now, the brand has news that is equally worthy of sharing with the world: It's launching a bralette.

As someone who swore off underwire around the same time that the Well+Good offices closed last March, I have long been on the hunt for a bra that checks all three of the most important boob-related boxes of being cute, comfortable, and supportive. And unsurprisingly, the Parade bralette does exactly that. After two years of development—and a whole lot of customer requests—the brand has created an underwire-free bra that truly works on all sizes.

Parade Bralette
Photo: Parade/EPSON MFP image

It comes in two styles—a full-coverage scoop and a slightly-skimpier triangle—and has fully adjustable straps to offer customizable support whether you're an XS or a 3XL (which, by the way, is the range of sizes the brand is offering). I got my hands on the neon-green version of the triangle bralette a few weeks ago, and the only times I've taken it off have been to wash it. My usual bra size is a 30D, and in the past it's been hard to find a bralette that holds up my boobs without riding up or digging into my back and leaving a red line. But like Parade's underwear, the bra is so, so, so comfortable, and is equally as perfect for running errands as it is for sleeping in.

At $28 a pop, this is the type of bra you'll want to invest in every color—especially considering once you get your hands on one, it's the only thing you'll ever want to wear again. Snag yours before they sell out... though you, too, may be tempted to blast the good news all over the Internet. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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