The One Product Paris Hilton Swears By for Relieving Stress and Getting Better Sleep

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In her 2002 book, Confessions of an HeiressParis Hilton shared a list of rules she lives by: 1. Never have only one cell phone 2. Make plans, plans and more plans 3. Never, ever wake up before 10 [or] go to bed before three, because normal hours are for normal people. And while these commandments might lend themselves well to becoming a multi-hyphenate businesswoman worth hundreds of millions of dollars—which Hilton herself has done—"wellness friendly" they are not. Which is why in the last two decades, after launching dozens of brands, establishing herself as one of the most sought-after DJs in the world, and becoming a social media superstar, Hilton has made some big changes to her rules.

In her recent documentary, This Is Paris, Hilton opened up about the trauma she's dealt with throughout her life after she was abused as a teenager. The experience left her with anxiety and nightmares that made it near impossible for her to sleep. All of this, combined with the daily pressures associated with simply being Paris Hilton, was a recipe for stress. But now, Hilton is speaking out about how stress has impacted her life, and revealing the shifts she's made in her self-care routine to help her deal with it. And while keeping "normal hours" may never be her thing (she's not a "normal person," after all), she's found the tools to stay stress-free and fabulous as ever.

Well+Good: What does your nightly wind-down routine look like?

Paris Hilton: I just lay in bed with my dogs, and we watch Netflix to start winding down. I like cartoons and comedy—really anything that puts me in a good mood and makes me laugh. Then I take my R3SET Unwind supplement ($18) and drink chamomile tea.

W+G: Is there one de-stressing product that you bring with you everywhere?

PH: Ever since I found out about R3SET, I've been taking it everywhere. It really helps me during the day to feel focused and not stressed, and then at night it helps me sleep. My dog Diamond Baby also relaxes me, so I take her everywhere, and I used to travel with a sound machine but now I have an app on my iPhone that plays sleep sounds.

W+G: How would you describe your ideal sleep situation?

PH: A very dark and cold room that's like 66 degrees, an eye mask, ear plugs, at least 6 really soft pillows, a down comforter, the soft, velvety blanket that I travel everywhere with, and silk pajamas.

W+G: Are there any particular scents that help you calm down?

PH: Lavender, jasmine, rosemary, peppermint, and anything citrusy.

W+G: Do you have any favorite songs you like to fall asleep to?

PH: I love Rufus du Sol–[their] music is really beautiful and chill. I also love classical music. I usually put on some sort of a "chill" Spotify playlist, which helps me feel relaxed.

W+G: What are you like when you feel well rested versus when you don't sleep?

Sleep is so important. I notice such a huge difference from when I used to have nightmares and not get sleep, because it would affect my entire day and I would be exhausted and not in a good mood. When I do get [good] sleep, I feel awake and energized and happy and in a way better mood.

W+G: What helps you feel refreshed on mornings when you haven't gotten enough sleep?

PH: First, taking a shower. Then I put my face in a bowl of [ice water], which is really good for your skin and definitely wakes you up. I also drink coffee or tea, and for the past year, I've been taking R3SET Calm every morning, which has really changed my life.

W+G: Aside from sleep, is there one self-care practice you couldn't live without?

PH: I'm obsessed with getting facials—I get them a couple a times per week, because I find them so relaxing. I've also been a huge animal lover my entire life, and my dogs are my babies. They're filled with unconditional love and so cuddly and sweet, and I've realized that when I have animals in my life it makes me feel so much happier.

W+G: With so much going on during the day—from your career as a DJ to the dozens of business ventures you're involved in—how do you turn off at night?

PH: I'm really bad at that, because I'm running so many different businesses and am constantly having people from all around the world trying to get in touch about all of my different brands. There are  always so many e-mails, and I'm such a workaholic that I'm always trying to get as much done as possible. There's literally not enough time in the day to do everything in my life. My fiancé will always tell me, 'babe, you need to put your phone down, because the light that's coming from it is keeping you up.' Sometimes I listen to him and put the phone away, and it does make a huge difference. But as a businesswoman, I'm always thinking about my work, so it's really hard for me to shut off.

W+G: How do you keep all of these daily stressors from overwhelming you during your waking hours?

PH: All of my different businesses and brands are always stressful, but I love what I do and all of the products that I work on. To keep myself from feeling stressed about all of it, I try to think about how excited I am about upcoming projects and how happy the products are going to make my fans. When I think about the positives, it really helps me feel proud instead of overwhelmed.

W+G: You recently started talking openly about your stress, and revealed some of the details of your childhood trauma in your documentary, This Is Paris. What has that experience been like? Has being open about what you're dealing with helped you manage some of the stress?

PH: Speaking out about my experiences has been such a cathartic experience and so healing. The positive response I've received from my fans and everyone around the world who's watched it has been overwhelming. And I'm just so proud of that I went through so much in life... talking about it and raising awareness to heal so many other people [are now also] changing laws, and I had no idea of how powerful this film would be.

W+G: How has the way you manage your stress and your approach to self care changed as you've gotten older?

PH: I've learned a lot about myself and what's important to me in life, and the biggest thing has been talking about things [that I've gone through]. I hold so many things in, and I wouldn't want to talk or think about things that I went through in life, but it's been very healing to speak my truth, and I've learned that that's so important for letting things go.

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