How You’re Destined To Find Luck and Success in Life, According to Your ‘Part of Fortune’ in Astrology

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If Venus retrograde (or the impending Mercury retrograde) has you feeling like your life is spiraling out of control, have no fear: There’s an astrological placement that can show you where—and how—you can get lucky. The part of fortune (also referred to as the lot of fortune or Pars Fortuna) in astrology reflects the intersection point of your sun, moon, and rising signs on your birth chart, and the sign it falls in can shed light on your most auspicious attributes.

As a quick refresher, your sun, moon, and rising signs are called your “big three” in astrology because this trifecta of placements generally offers a comprehensive look at who you are, from your core principles, purpose, and identity (sun) to your emotional reality (moon) and your perspective and approach to the world (rising or ascendant). By essentially putting these three together in the calculation of your part of fortune in astrology, you’re uncovering a point in your chart where things will just feel easier or seem to flow with greater alignment or harmony.

“I like to describe the part of fortune as the silver lining in our experience.” —Lumi Pelinku, astrologer and transformation life coach

In particular, the zodiac sign where your part of fortune resides in your chart will indicate the area of life in which you’re likely to find success, and also how you can use your natural strengths to combat difficulties or stagnancy. “I like to describe the part of fortune as the silver lining in our experience,” says astrologer and transformation life coach Lumi Pelinku. “The part of fortune is expressed depending on which zodiac sign and astrological house it’s residing in, and it shows us how we can best navigate through our life struggles, or how we might get a lucky strike.”

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How to find your part of fortune in your birth chart

To calculate your part of fortune and determine which sign it occupies in your birth chart, you can enter your birth date, time, and location into this part of fortune calculator.

If you’re feeling mathematically inclined, astrologer Lisa Stardust says there’s also a formula you can use to find your part of fortune manually.

First, pull up your birth chart, and determine whether it’s a day chart or a night chart (as this will dictate which formula variation you'll use); the former typically means you were born during daylight hours, and the latter, during nighttime hours. If your sun sign falls in houses seven through 12 in your chart, you have a day chart, and you can use the formula Ascendant + Moon - Sun to calculate your part of fortune, plugging in the degrees of each placement. If your sun sign falls in houses one through six, you have a night chart; use the formula Ascendant + Sun - Moon instead.

For example, I have a night chart with a 28° ascendant, 7° sun, and 23° moon. With these values plugged into the night chart formula, I get a total value of 12°. When I find 12° in my birth chart, it falls under Taurus, which means I have my part of fortune in Taurus (more on what that means below).

Are there certain placements for the part of fortune that are especially lucky?

Each sign placement for the part of fortune comes along with its own unique benefits based on the strengths of the given sign. But when the part of fortune forms a conjunction with certain other points and planets (meaning, it falls right next to them) in your chart, its effect on your life can be even greater.

Case in point: A part of fortune conjunct Jupiter. Because Jupiter is known as the planet of luck, expansion, and growth, a part of fortune conjunct Jupiter could mean you have an especially high chance at luck in the areas of life associated with whichever sign (and house) they both occupy.

For example, if you have both Jupiter and your part of fortune in Gemini, you may find luck and prosperity in Gemini-ruled realms of life, like communication and information, says Pelinku. The more you learn how to speak your truth—or embrace work or hobbies that allow you to do so—the better you’ll be heard and the more success you’ll have, she adds.

Another serendipitous conjunction for the part of fortune is with the north node, an invisible point in the sky at which the moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit around the sun. This point is thought to be associated with fate and destiny and can lead you to your life’s spiritual purpose. When it’s located conjunct the part of fortune in any house or sign, it creates what Pelinku calls a “legacy placement,” which indicates that you have the potential to leave a lasting mark on the world.

Still, it’s important to remember that everyone has a part of fortune in their chart, and there’s no need to worry if you don’t have one of the above alignments, says Stardust. After all, there’s always luck to be found if you learn to interpret and work with the placements you do have. “It’s all about perspective,” says Stardust. “The point of astrology is to help us understand ourselves on a deeper level, and we can use the [part of fortune] to help us do that.”

How to interpret your part of fortune in astrology


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

A part of fortune that falls under Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet known for its assertive energy. If you have your part of fortune in Aries, you might find yourself surprisingly lucky after making impulsive or spontaneous decisions (rather than waiting for things to happen or playing it safe). The common idiom, "Fortune favors the bold" may be especially true for you.

“It’s through initiating something, through powering up your confidence, or through taking ownership and being a leader of some sort [that you'll find luck],” says Pelinku.


If your part of fortune is in Taurus, you’re likely to find success when prioritizing the highly Taurean realms of self care and mindfulness. Since Taurus is also associated with beauty and the finer things in life (its planetary ruler is Venus, after all), people with their part of fortune in Taurus may also benefit from exercising their unique artistry or creativity.

“You can find your chance of luck or opportunity through beauty of some sort or by creating a beautiful experience,” says Pelinku. “Anything that requires you to be in the moment, such as creating art or listening to music, or even listening to the wind rustle through the trees can support you on that journey.”


A part of fortune in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that influences how we express ourselves and communicate with others. If you have a part of fortune in Gemini, you have the potential to find prosperity through roles or activities that involve speaking, collecting and interpreting new information, and connecting with others. Pelinku says that even shy people with this placement would be wise to embrace public speaking or communication roles; your confidence can come with time.


Cancer is ruled by the moon, the celestial body known for its influence on our emotions and the way we care for ourselves and others. The key to finding luck when you have a part of fortune in Cancer is to create a sense of safety and security within yourself, says Pelinku. It’s about striking a balance between receiving nurturing and extending nurturing to others.


Since the part of fortune in Leo is ruled by the sun, which influences the core of our being, people with this placement benefit from activities that allow them to fully express themselves. “The part of fortune in Leo is all about creativity,” says Stardust. “Embracing this energy is about self-expression, playfulness, drama, and sports.”

By also tapping into the qualities of their sun sign (given the connection between Leo and the sun), Pelinku says that people with a part of fortune in Leo can re-up their confidence, especially when they've been feeling like they've had to conform to others' expectations.


Like Gemini, the part of fortune in Virgo is ruled by Mercury. If you have this placement, your greatest strengths may come from paying attention to minuscule details and throwing your full energy toward the service of others. However, you could find even more luck when you remember to nurture your own needs, too, and accept your flaws. (Remember: Even the most detail-oriented among us will ocassionally make mistakes—and that's okay.)


Similar to the part of fortune in Taurus, the part of fortune in Libra is ruled by Venus. If you have this placement, you can find your luck by navigating life through a balanced lens of beauty and diplomacy, says Stardust, adding that the house placement also matters a good deal in your case.

“If your part of fortune is in the seventh house [of relationships] and in Libra, for instance, you’re going to be someone who connects people and brings partnerships together,” she says. “Whereas, if your part of fortune is in the fifth house and in Libra, you’re probably someone who likes to do creative or aesthetic projects with other people.”


If you have a part of fortune in Scorpio, your placement is ruled by Pluto, which is associated with ideas of death, rebirth, and major transformation. People with this placement can benefit greatly from deep introspection in order to feel more grounded in life.

“When you have a part of fortune in Scorpio, you’re meant to make an impact in some way,” says Pelinku. “It’s about becoming the way-shower of the extremes of human life experiences, while also uncovering the right tools to work through them.”


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. If you have your part of fortune in Sagittarius, you can find luck and fulfillment through not only indulging in new experiences that challenge your perception of life, but also sharing whatever insights you might glean with others.

“Many people who have a part of fortune in Sagittarius really enjoy spreading their dogma in the world through learning new philosophies and teaching,” says Stardust.


The part of fortune in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is all about responsibility, work, and wisdom. People with this placement will find the most luck and success in working through any obstacles that come their way with due diligence. Embracing the Capricorn ethos of trusting yourself, setting your own terms, and exercising clear boundaries will support you on the path to your goals—and you'll excel at any job that especially requires these qualities.


“Aquarius has two planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus,” says Stardust, referencing the sign's traditional and modern-day rulers, respectively. “So when we deal with the part of fortune in Aquarius, it’s all about embracing the changes that have happened in your life, while also having a progressive, humanitarian approach to the future.”

According to Pelinku, people with a part of fortune in Aquarius can find luck through embracing humanitarian efforts that contribute to the collective good and help them continually reinvent themselves. “That’s what gets them out of their own feelings of stagnancy, so they feel empowered to keep going,” she says.


Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune—which is associated with spirituality, dreams, and intuition—people with this part of fortune can benefit from practicing mindfulness and mental decluttering. “You’re meant to connect to every facet of life with certainty,” says Pelinku.

In turn, you could also find particular luck with jobs that give you a strong sense of purpose or help you do good by others. “This part of fortune can help you create a more thorough connectedness to yourself and to a higher power, and bridge the gaps of miscommunication with other people,” adds Pelinku.

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