These Three Words Drive Pat Mcgrath’s Skin-Care Routine

Photo: Facebook/Pat McGrath
There are few people as vital to the advent of modern makeup as Pat McGrath, who is responsible for basically all of the #lewks at any given fashion week. But beneath even the most expertly applied faces of makeup is a strong skin-care routine, and if McGrath's flawless complexion is any indication, she pays serious attention to her skin. So how does the "most influential makeup artistic in the world," in the words of Anna Wintour, approach her skin-care routine?

In an interview with As/Is, the artist said the three words that drive her skin-care routine are "hydration, rest, and nourishment." On a daily basis, she keeps things simple by using a gentle cream cleanser and an oil-free moisturizer without fragrance and chemical additives. Furthermore, McGrath highlighted a few of her preferred products, including a cult-favorite toner and a totally free beauty essential: water. She also told BuzzFeed that she loves splurging on luxurious spa treatments around the world (ummm, #same).

Apart from divulging her skin-care requirements, the artist spoke about the inclusivity of her line, Pat McGrath Labs, which champions, body positivity, diversity, and LGBTQ initiatives. "I am extraordinarily passionate about lifting up muses who do not embrace standard ideals of beauty," she said, adding that while "diversity has come a long way in the beauty world...there should be no end to the industry’s desire to represent individuals from all walks of life."

Here's to hoping McGrath continues paving the road toward a future of inclusive makeup and healthy, glowy skin.

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