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12 Pretty Pedicure Art Ideas to Keep Your Toes Looking Cute All Summer Long

It's been a long, long time since many of us have stepped foot in a nail salon. Not the best scenario now that it's nice outside and you've traded your closed-toe shoes for sandals. The good news is you can give yourself a cute pedi at home, and there are plenty of pedicure art ideas to try.

You can dabble in drawing different designs and shapes, add some shine with some glitter—really, anything you're into. It doesn't have to be perfect, either. Unlike your fingers, there's room for error assuming no one's going to be getting too close to your toes. Find some inspiration for your next at-home spa day with these pedicure art ideas that are anything but boring.

12 pedicure art ideas to try this summer

1. Two-tone

This two-tone pedicure with a gold stripe accent is the perfect minimalist design.

2. Papaya

This one is going to take a little practice, but you can't go wrong with a design of your favorite fruit.

3. Galaxy

This mesmerizing design is giving off serious space vibes.

4. Sunflower

Who needs a canvas when you can practice your painting skills on your own toes? This sunflower design is a great place to start.

5. Marbled

This blue marbled design is meant for a summer spent at the beach.

6. Dotted

This simple dotted design is something anyone can master at home.

7. Cheetah

Creating this cheetah print design is easier than you think. All you need is a toothpick.

8. Rainbow lines

In the mood for a pop of color? This fun rainbow design should do the trick.

9. Daisy

I mean, what's more cheery than a cute smiling daisy?

10. Holographic

This holographic chrome pedi is nothing short of an attention-grabber.

11. Glitter

Instead of covering your entire toenail with a glittery polish, just add some at the base.

12. Monstera

Your favorite plant is all over your home, so it might as well be on your toenails, too.

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