Learn How To Engage Your Pelvic Floor With This 15-Minute Pilates Routine

If you've heard advice about doing Kegels, which involves tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, you're already familiar with one of many pelvic floor exercises. There's a whole host of exercises and tips for strengthening your pelvic floor, and in this recent episode of Good Moves, Pilates instructor Chloe De Winter breaks down exactly what your pelvic floor is, what it does, and how to use pelvic floor Pilates to engage it slowly and safely.

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The pelvic floor is the hammock-like group of muscles below your core organs; it sits like a sling within your pelvis and is important for activities like going to the bathroom and sexual function, according to the Mayo Clinic. De Winter starts by having you sit on the floor and find your hip bones and place your hands on top of them. You continue to practice engaging your pelvic floor with your abdomen and pelvic floor. Then De Winter encourages you to sync your movement with your breath. This can help you understand where your pelvic floor is and how it feels to engage and relax the muscles.

It’s also important to note that pelvic floor dysfunction is a complex and often challenging thing to face. Sometimes people can recommend that you immediately start kegeling at every moment. However, this isn't always sound advice. If you are currently experiencing pelvic floor-related pain or incontinence, make sure you check with a provider before attempting pelvic floor exercises or pelvic floor Pilates.

Once you have a green light to go ahead with some strengthening exercises, grab an exercise ball, mat, and comfy clothes, and De Winter will lead the way.

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