How One Tech-Driven Company Is Biohacking Protein Powder to Banish Bloating for Good

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Super sweaty workouts and protein-loaded smoothies are basically as inseparable as you and your BFF. The uninvited third wheel who usually tries to tag along? Major bloating.

But why is your body rejecting something that’s supposed to be supporting your health and your #gains? According to Matt Hesse, founder and CEO of PERFORMIX, it’s all about the ingredients in that protein add-in (and you’re definitely not the only one feeling this way).

"Protein is one of the most difficult macronutrients to digest, and when your body has difficulty digesting something, it can cause gas and bloating," Hesse explains. "One of the biggest gripes we hear about protein is that it causes stomach discomfort and bloating, especially with women."

"This unique io™ process essentially unravels a protein molecule, making it easier for your body to absorb."

But before you stage a breakup (and miss out on the recovery boost protein offers post-workout muscles), consider this: the Ingredient Optimization® process PERFORMIX® uses for its ioWHEY PROTEIN has biohacked the molecular structure of protein, making it easier to digest—so you can say see ya to bloating.

”A protein molecule kind of resembles a tangled mess of Christmas lights that have been stored in the attic since last year,” Hesse says. “If you were to plug that tangled mess in, you wouldn’t get the full impact of all the bulbs on the strand. The same goes for protein. When io™ naturally modifies the structure of a protein molecule—i.e. untangles the Christmas lights—you get the full impact of that molecule.”

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out how ioWHEY is changing the protein game—one bloated belly at a time.

performix iowhey protein

When it comes to protein, less is more

Unraveling the protein molecule not only makes it more digestible, it also allows your body to actually absorb more from less product—so you don't have to heap scoop after scoop.

In a clinical study, levels of branched chain amino acids in participants' blood (an indicator of how much your body is able to absorb from your protein) showed that 22 grams of ioWHEY PROTEIN™ was bioequivalent to 30 grams of standard whey protein isolate. In other words, a little goes a long way.

"More protein isn’t always going to be better," Hesse says. "With protein comes calories, and once you pass your body’s total caloric need, you risk protein being stored as fat rather than as fuel to help recover your muscles. One serving of ioWHEY PROTEIN™ is only 100 calories, so in this case, less really is more."

performix iowhey protein

You can score a full amino acid profile—without the side effects

Why go to all the trouble of changing the molecular structure of whey protein instead of just offering a plant-based option? For the PERFORMIX team, it was all about providing the most effective protein option.

"Whey is a more complete protein than plant-based, based on the amino-acid profile," Hesse explains. "So you’re getting more as it pertains to muscle recovery."

According to Hesse, whey protein also tends to be more bioavailable than plant protein (you know that bloated feeling you sometimes get after eating a salad loaded with raw veggies?)—and the io™ process only helps the protein become even more absorbable. Double win.

performix iowhey protein

When it comes to protein powder, say no to added sugar

PERFORMIX's better-for-you philosophy doesn't end with the optimized protein—the whole ingredient list was built with the healthiest benefits in mind, starting with leaving out any added sugar.

"While there is a benefit to having carbohydrates post-workout, we wanted to ensure that we kept this protein on the lighter side," Hesse says. "We didn’t want to add hollow macronutrients to what was a very clean profile. And once we tasted the initial samples, we knew we had nailed the taste without the need for any fillers." #NailedIt.

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