10 Amazing Wellness Perks You Didn’t Know You Could Get at Costco

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At first glance, Costco just seems like a maze of sky-high shelves made for anyone who loves buying oversized tubs of mixed nuts the size of a small child. But don't be fooled: Behind those doors also lie some pretty amazing wellness perks that not only benefit your health, but also your bank account.

Sure, walking around those aisles basically makes you feel like you're in snack heaven. And by the time you leave, you've filled your cart with bulk supplies of everything from toilet paper to natural beauty. If you dig a little deeper and look beyond the delicious-smelling samples around every corner (which are seriously distracting, BTW), however, some surprises await that make the yearly membership even more worth it.

Whether it's being able to score a gym deal for half the cost (yes, really) or getting discounts on your dream travel destinations, here are 10 things you didn't know you could score big on at Costco.

Check out these 10 amazing wellness perks available at the megastore.

costco wellness perks
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1. There are affordable gym memberships.

Gym memberships can get super-pricey, but Costco has a partnership with 24 Hour Fitness that lets you get fit for half of the cost. The chain has 400 locations nationwide that offer some of your favorite workout classes (yoga, cycling—you name it!), and you can snag a two-year plan for $400—something that comes down to only $17 a month. Normally, you'd have to spend $800 without the deal, so yeah—it's kind of a miracle.

2. You can get healthy acai bowls on the cheap.

Earlier this year, Costco added a surprising healthy treat to its menu: acai bowls. And get this—they're only $5. While they're made with fresh berries, one serving contains 30 grams of sugar so you might not want to eat them all the time. Don't worry, though: Between stops to the cafe, you can grab acai smoothie packs in the frozen section to make at home.

3. It's a great place to score succulents.

It turns out that there are plenty of under-the-radar places to stock up on mood-boosting succulents, and Costco just so happens to have great deals on the tiny green plants. You can get a three-pack of different varieties for as little as $20—and they even come in super-cute pots. (Score.)

4. You can get free eye exams.

Anyone who's had an appointment with an ophthalmologist knows it can be pricey—especially if you don't pay that extra monthly fee to your insurance company for the eye perks. But if you have a Costco membership, eye appointments at Costco Optical are free, and you can get contacts and glasses at a super-discounted cost.

5. You can get water delivered right to your door.

If you love having fancy spring, purified, or artesian water on hand but hate lugging it home (I feel you), Costco has your back on your H2O needs: The store rents out dispensers for $2 to $5 a month, and the jugs to go along with them are around $6 per bottle. You can also set up a regular delivery schedule so you'll always have a fresh supply when you need it.

6. It can get you travel discounts.

A Costco membership can actually save you a lot of money on your travels. Not only can you get discounted vacation packages at resorts and cruises, but there's also savings on airfare and car rentals. NBD or anything, but that means you could book a four-night vacay to Cancun for $400.

7. You can get discounted prescriptions.

If you're so over paying ridiculous prescription costs, Costco has got you covered there, too: Its Prescription Program has numerous medications that only cost $5 each, whether you have insurance or not. And it's not just for you—you can save on meds for your furry friends as well.

8. There are bulk movie theater tickets.

Who doesn't love practicing self care by heading to the movie theater to zone out for a while? Well, it turns out Costco sells packs of discounted movie tickets. Whether you get a four or 10-pack, you can use them anytime you want—and no rush, because they never expire.

9. There are plenty of healthy food finds.

The grocery section of Costco is kind of a must-visit. Aside from being able to buy big bags of frozen veggies and oversized containers of fruit, the store also carries pre-prepped spaghetti squash, gluten-free cauliflower pizza, and avocados that last twice as long.

10. You can get exercise equipment.

If you'd rather create a stellar home gym than pay a monthly fee somewhere, Costco has basically any type of exercise equipment you can imagine—and it's all at a discounted cost. From Pilates reformer machines to rowers and spin bikes, you could have a pro-level setup in record time. Plus, you can get your go-to fitness tech there, like Fitbits.

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