This Mascara Lengthens and Conditions Your Lashes in Just One Swipe

As one of the most treasured makeup products that exists, mascara has people's hearts forever—even though it's not usually the friendliest to their eyelashes. Mascaras can clump, pull lashes out upon removal, and sometimes cause eye irritation (womp womp). But there is one mascara product that doubles as an eyelash conditioner, which means that it not only lengthens but boosts the health of your eyelash hairs as you wear it. Meet the Perricone MD No Makeup Mascara ($30).

As a beauty editor, I've tested probably hundreds of different mascaras by this point. Usually my relationships with them are flings: I try them out for a bit, use them, and then ghost them after a few weeks. But I'm here to report that I'm now in a monogamous relationship with the Perricone MD mascara. I remember the first time I applied it (which was about five months ago) and how I swooned over how just one coat of the stuff on my top and bottom lashes made them appear almost twice as long and curled.

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The No Makeup Mascara calls itself a lash treatment and mascara all in one, and the ingredients list proves that it has legit conditioning powers. Within the tube are biotin, neuropeptides, panthenol, and avocado oil, all of which swirl together to coat your lashes with some hair-nourishing love. Board-certified dermatologist Shirley Chi, MD, previously told Well+Good that peptides in lash products "create a good environment for hair to grow," which means that your lashes can potentially come in thicker and fuller. "The proteins and plant extracts make a good ambiance for your hair to grow longer," she said. Plus, avocado oil is known as an antioxidant and lipid-filled ingredient that works wonders on hair health.

After wearing this mascara for months now, I can vouch for how much healthier and softer my eyelashes feel. Fewer of my strands fall out when I wash it off, which is a victory in itself for a mascara. And my eyelashes look fuller and longer. But besides its really solid conditioning abilities, the No Makeup Mascara is truly an A-plus mascara (don't be fooled by the name). Swiping on one coat to the top and bottom lashes fans fringe out perfectly with the fine-tooth comb applicator, so two coats definitely brings the drama you're used to with other volumizing mascaras. Can you see why I'm in such a steady relationship with this baby?

Photo: Perricone MD

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