I Replaced My Entire Wellness Routine With Customized Products, and Life Has Never Been Easier

Swatch a thousand foundations? Set your alarm for 2:30 a.m. in the name of nailing the morning routine? Sleep with a robot? Testing the latest and greatest that wellness has to offer is just another day on the job for Zoë Weiner, Well+Good beauty and fitness editor. In our latest YouTube show Zoë Tries It All, we’re taking you along for the ride to see firsthand how we try and test the buzziest things wellness has to offer, so you can have nice things without having to try it all yourself.

In the early days of wellness, the only element of your regimen that could be truly personalized was your smoothie order (no protein powder for me, TYVM). But these days, we're able to curate nearly every aspect of our wellness routines to fit our specific needs—from our beauty products to our fitness plans to our diets—and it's all thanks to "customizable wellness."

Over the last few years, technology has gotten smarter, which means that brands across every wellness category have been able to offer more personalized products meant to fit a user's specific health and lifestyle and goals. These brands use diagnostic tests that take all of these things into account, then use the intel to come up with a plan that's tailor made for Y-O-U. So, for example, if you've got dry, temperamental skin, a personalized skin-care regimen would likely be packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. If you're having trouble in the kitchen, a personalized recipe company would help you put together a weekly meal plan (and teach you how to bring it to fruition). Since these things are specifically crafted to meet your individual needs, in theory, they're able to offer better rewards than the generic stuff on the market.

To find out if this holds, in the latest episode of Zoë Tries It All, I spent an entire month testing out a personalized wellness routine that was tailor-made for Z-O-Ë. I swapped my usual beauty routine for customized skin and hair regimens, signed up for a personalized meal plan, and committed to four weeks worth of on-my-own workouts using Fitbit's personal trainer.

After four full weeks of using ZOË-branded products my hair was shinier, I was sleeping better, and my super dry skin felt hydrated and happy (plus I had many, many packages with my name on them). But there was one side effect that came along with customizing my routine that felt even more significant: It made nearly every single element of my life feel easier to manage. Since nearly everything I was doing had been picked out and planned specifically for me, I didn't have to make any decisions of my own. I woke up each morning knowing what workout I was going to do, what I would be eating for breakfast, and what beauty products I'd be slathering on.

To find out which products worked real wonders in my life (and which I bulk ordered for myself once the experiment was over), check out the video above. And if there’s anything else you want to see me try? Subscribe to the Well+Good YouTube Channel, and give us a shout in the comments.

This experiment was admittedly a whole lot more fun than the one that required me to get up at 4:45 a.m. ... but still not quite as exciting as that one time when our video producer tried horseback yoga.

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