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Taking care of both pets and plants is difficult enough already (bless all of you endeavoring to do so—I can barely keep my snake plant alive and it asks almost nothing from me) without the added challenge presented by the fact that they're capable of killing each other. Yep, a number of plant species are toxic to your furry friends. So, if you’re brave (or cocky?) enough to do the double-duty of caring for both, eliminate one potential pitfall off the bat by choosing pet-friendly house plants. But which ones are they?

As Tina Wismer, DVM, medical director of Animal Poison Control Center for the APSCA, previously told Well+Good, "sago palms are toxic to both cats and dogs," and all lily varietals can be dangerous to cats. On the flip side, she recommends Areca palm, succulents, peperomia, Norfolk pines, and velvet plants as safe for pups. Meanwhile, kitty-friendly picks are Christmas cactus, spider plants, African violets, bromeliads, and orchids.

But to save you the stress of hunting for these non-toxic options, we rounded up a few pet-safe blooms for your indoor garden.

7 pet-friendly house plants that'll keep your space lively

1. Preserved Fern Kokedama, $75

If you're extra paranoid about your pets getting into your plants, put this hanging artisan moss high on your list. It's non-toxic, you never need to water it (NICE) and even though it falls into the "pet-friendly" category, the hanging element keeps those leafy greens from being eaten in the first place. If you have a dog, that is—I can't speak for any height-loving cats.

Shop Now: Preserved Fern Kokedama, $75

2. Catnip, $35

Speaking of cats, why not grow a gift that's actually good for them to get into? This can be given to your feline friend wet or dry, but try to use it as an occasional treat; while catnip is safe in small amounts, some cats might have an adverse reaction if they go to town on it every day.

Shop Now: Catnip, $35

3. 6-in Multicolor Bromeliad in Ceramic Planter, $42

Pretty, right? A Bromeliad has that vibrant splash of color that makes you feel like you're in the tropics instead of, um, weathering a pandemic in the winter. It does need a medium to strong light, but other than that, this plant is totally fine to thrive among your pet fam.

Shop Now: 6-in Multicolor Bromeliad in Ceramic Planter, $42

4. Pet-Peromia Collection, $65

Based on the title alone this is legit screaming pet-friendly, you know? They include three small little potted pet-safe plants, including Peperomia Green, Peperomia Ruby Glow, and Peperomia Happy Beans.

Shop Now: Pet-Peromia Collection, $65

5. Petite Purple Orchid, $75

What do you get the friend who got a quarantine puppy (you know the one) alongside a persuasion for plants? I recommend this gorgeous orchid. I myself owned one at one point, but I am capable of keeping one lavender plant and myself alive, and that's the limit. For others, though, it's pretty low-maintenance.

Shop Now: Petite Purple Orchid, $75

6. Norfolk Island Pine, $55


Bear in mind that you don't have to deck the halls with this "pine," this guy is actually native to Norfolk Island and would thrive through the summer easily. If you have a penchant for evergreens, this would be fine to keep around year-long, with no detriment to Mittens or Tucker or Beef Wellington—whatever their name is.

Shop Now: Norfolk Island Pine, $55

7. Bird's Nest Fern, $46

Honestly, I just thought this looked fun. The Bird's Nest Fern has these coiling, rippled leaves that are non-toxic, so you can dress up a corner of your room and not worry if your pup takes a nibble.

Shop Now: Bird's Nest Fern, $46

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