4 Pet-Friendly Plants To Safely Spruce Up Your Space, According to a Plant Doctor

Getting a cute houseplant home only to realize it could poison your four-legged best friend is incredibly disappointing—and some deceptively dangerous plants are trendy AF right now, so it's important to know what's what before you bring them into your house. On the latest episode of Greene Thumb by Well+Good, plant doctor Maryah Greene offers insight into which greenery should be avoided while offering some aesthetically-pleasing pet-friendly plants that won't hurt Fido, Spot, Bob, or Bingo.

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"Today we're going to be talking about pet-safe plants," says Greene. "I'm a plant mom, and also a cat mom, so I know a thing or two about choosing the right plants for spaces with pets."

For starters, she notes that you can train your pets to steer clear of all your greenery, because even if your plants are non-toxic, the point isn't necessarily for them to end up as a Scooby snack. To help you do so, Greene offers an easy and ingenious tip for deterring plant consumption by pets, which involves mixing up a concoction that's harmless to the plant but distasteful to the pet. "That way, when your pet goes to nibble on the plant, it realizes that plants are kind of spicy," she says. "And over time, this will train your pet."

Greene lists a few toxic-to-pet plants you should either avoid or keep out of reach from your furry friends—at least one of which is very popular right now. She also showcases safe options that are just as photogenic—including nerve plants, calatheas, and more—along with tips for caring for each one. To pet-proof your plant assortment, press play on the video.

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