6 Wall Planters That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Tiny homes and tight apartments can feel limiting given the space constraint they impose, but they actually provide for a unique opportunity: to experiment with ingenious design solutions (like a Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired tiny trailer) and versatile furniture items.

And just because you're not swimming in square footage shouldn't preclude you from the mood-boosting, air-enhancing benefits that come with a jungle-like Zen den. To find the extra space to feature greenery, simply consider the area of your healthy home you're likely under-utilizing: your walls.

Bonus: Wall planters are living, breathing pieces of wall decor that are also pet-friendly, since your pups won't be able to munch on the potentially toxic-for-them plants they can't even reach.

See the home decor enhancing planters below.

Found the space for your indoor wall plants but still need some artistic inspo? Fill these artsy, sculpture-like planters with these Instagram-favorite plants

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