Petal by Pedal: the Service That Delivers Fresh Flowers by Bicycle

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(Photo: Petal by Pedal)

(Photo: Petal by Pedal)
(Photo: Petal by Pedal)

Now that winter storm Juno has (almost) passed, bike messengers and Seamless delivery guys are returning to New York City streets. And they're being joined by another service vying for a spot in the bike lane, especially this time of year: flower delivery.

Petal by Pedal is a one-year-old eco-friendly flower delivery service founded by Kate Gilman, a former lawyer who found her true calling in flower entrepreneurship. Petal delivers flowers exclusively by bike and also sources seasonal buds directly from local purveyors like the Brooklyn Grange, The River Garden, and Rosemeadow Farm.

"We get the flowers from our farmers a few times a week in a low inventory, so that means a flower could be harvested that morning and in your apartment that afternoon," Gilman says. "We're buying from New York growers, so the process is much more direct. None of the flowers are treated with harsh chemicals or preservatives, unlike imported flowers from huge farms with no restrictions on labor or what you put in the ground."

(Photo: Petal by Pedal)
Founder Kate Gilman. (Photo: Petal by Pedal)

And the bike delivery aspect plays plays a dual role when it comes to Petal by Pedal's ethos. Gas-guzzling fridge trucks and planes are taken out of the equation, and an adorable, personal touch is added in. "As a user, I would get flowers, and the experience would stop after I ordered them online," Gilman says. "We'll deliver the flowers right in a jar by someone who's a curated part of our team."

Since the flowers are seasonal, you can expect a fresh, rustic, wild, and beautifully informal bouquet, which comes in a glass mason jar (the messenger will add water on arrival) with twine and a typewriter-printed card. And while choices are limited (you can choose from two sizes, $85–$140, and can weigh in on style but not specifics, i.e. no dozen red roses) Petal by Pedal recently started to deliver succulents ($55), too.

Flower delivery
What a Petal by Pedal delivery really looks like. (Photo: Jamie McKillop for Well+Good)

Right now, the service area extends from the southern tip of Manhattan to 86th Street, so if you happen to live or work in that area, you could always send this article with a strong (emoji) wink to that special someone, in advance of February 14. —Jamie McKillop

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