This Mind-Blowing Fork Hack Eliminates the Most Annoying Part of Home Decorating

Photo: Getty Images/Maskot
Hanging pictures on the wall can be a workout. First, you need to get the nail in just the right spot while doing everything in your power to avoid putting one too many holes in the wall. Then comes the awkward tango—you know the one—of trying to hook your picture to the nail without dropping it. Instead of coming out from the experience with sore arms and a lopsided frame, there's a simple picture hanging hack that can save the day—and all you need is a fork.

Considering the 7,200 retweets and 22,500 likes business reporter Michael Hainsworth garnered for his tweet about it, this fork hack seems like the real deal. Just to be sure, I tried it myself. And it couldn't be easier. After you put your nail in the wall, take a fork and slide the tines so the nail sits right between the middle two. Then, securely fasten picture wire to the back of the frame (if it doesn't already have one) and slide the picture into place, making sure the wire is behind the fork's handle.

After your picture is set into place, remove the fork. (Since the fork guided the wire onto the nail, it'll stay right in place.) Then, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. With this picture hanging hack, you'll be able to turn your bare walls into a gallery in just a few minutes.

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