This 11-Minute Pilates Ab Workout Is a Guaranteed Mood Booster

Your abdominal muscles don’t share the name of the center of the earth for no reason. Not only do they feel like they’re on fire when you work them really hard, but they’re also the foundation of so many different kinds of movement. Okay, so it’s unlikely one was named after the other, but if you’re in the mood to strengthen your core, feel the burn, and improve a muscle group you use every day— tune in to the latest episode of Good Moves with Pilates instructor Brian Spencer. In this character-building Pilates ab workout session, Spencer takes you through a routine that will test your core, your patience, and your determination (but only for 11 minutes).

If a common deterrent for you during Pilates is that you feel discouraged, this episode with Spencer is an excellent reprieve from some common pitfalls of typical Pilates instruction. Sometimes it feels like there’s an eternity between you and the end of the work, with nothing but some challenging movements in between. The good news about Spencer is that he injects humor and enthusiasm into each move of this workout. For example, when he has viewers raise their legs and hold them together while they lay on their back, he recommends that you imagine there’s a million-dollar bill between them. That’s definitely something you don’t want to drop, and, just like that, you’re already on to the next move.

Humor and joy are wonderful aspects to include in your workout. This could include adding a funny song to your playlist while you run or choosing an instructor that lightens the mood. If you’re looking for the latter, work out your obliques with Spencer and brighten your day along the way. Get ready for a solid Pilates ab workout, all you need is a mat and some comfy clothes to press play.

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