We’ve Found the One Crunch That’ll Never Leave You Bored

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When it comes to core work, crunches tend to unleash a wave of boredom the quickest. You can only handle so many up-and-downs until your brain is like "enough already!" There is one exception to the repetitious exercise, though, and the Pilates-based move will challenge your body and your mind.

Pilates instructor Theodora Magkou recently posted an abs workout using an exercise ball that involves your entire body—not to mention a whole lot of coordination as you take turns transferring the piece of gym equipment between your arms and legs. "It's a simple but fun way to utilize the ball for extra weight and challenge. It will kind of remind you of the double leg stretch with legs straight," she writes. So, how do you go about doing the exercise at home?


According to Magkou, the key is keeping your abs engaged and torso stable through the entire series. Start with the ball in your arms, squeezing it with your palms to engage your shoulders and chest. Then transfer it to your legs, where you'll squeeze with your "inner thighs on the way down to engage your lower abs and adductors," she explains. You're not off the hook when your arms and legs aren't carrying the ball, though. That's when you'll want your range of motion to be even bigger: "Try to touch your fingertips to the floor to work on shoulder flexibility, and try to touch your feet to the floor to work your hip flexors," she says.

By the time you're finished, you'll be feeling long, lean, and all sorts of sore.

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