This 6-Move Butt Workout Will Give You a Perkier Peach in 5 Minutes Flat

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This morning, my butt and I experienced our first ever "chair Pilates" class at Chaise Fitness in New York City. And six hours later, I we are already sore. And when I checked myself out in the mirror after class, I swear that the derriere of mine looked perkier than it was when I walked in.

Despite the fact that the Chaise class took place on a very fancy and effective piece of equipment (that looked and felt vaguely like a torture device), master trainer Lauren Pascone let me know that you can recreate the same type of booty-boosting workout at home on your own—all you need is a small medicine ball and some serious dedication (because, yes: it is that hard). Here, she shares her "butt blasting" workout, which targets your glutes, hamstrings, and lower abdominals, which will all amp up your ass in five minutes flat. It definitely did it to mine.

Cycle through each move on the right, hold a quick child's pose stretch, and then repeat on the left.

Start kneeling on all fours with knees separated about a fist distance apart, shoulders aligned over wrists. If you need to modify, come down onto your forearms.

  1. Toe taps: Extend your right leg long behind you with a flexed foot and your leg straight. Lift your leg up until your heel is in line with your hip, then lower the leg back down and tap your toe on the ground. Repeat for eight reps.
  2. Straight leg pulse: On the last rep, keep the leg lifted and pulse the leg up for 16 reps.
  3. Butt kicks: Extend your right leg long behind you with your foot flexed. Keeping your leg lifted, bend your knee and bring your heel toward your glute at 90 degrees, then stretch it back out straight. Repeat for eight reps.
  4. Butt kick pulse: On the last rep, keep your knee bent and pulse your heel up to the ceiling. Repeat for 16 reps.
  5. Kickbacks: Lower your right knee down in line with your left knee, then raise it back up to hip height. Extend your leg out straight, then bend it back in. Think of this move as one fluid movement, and continue the combination for eight reps.
  6. Walk the plank: With your right leg extended, bring it straight out to the ground. Press into your right toe, and lengthen the left leg out long to come up to a plank. In the plank, laterally tap your right toe out wider than your hips, then back to the plank. Do the same with your left toe, and alternate eight times on each leg (16 total). This targets your outer thighs and obliques in addition to your glutes and abs.

And now that your glutes are burnt out, give your core the same at-home treatment with Meg Takac's six-minute abs series:

Butt workouts boost confidence—here's why. You can also try this Megaformer workout at home for a serious (like, really serious) burn. 

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