This 11-Minute Pilates-Inspired Glute Workout Utilizes the World’s Most Effective Exercise

There is something so satisfying about burning your booty out through exercise, about pushing it to the point where it hurts-so-good and you can feel your glutes getting stronger, more toned, and maybe even halfway as lifted as you like to prop them up to be in the mirror. (I see you!) It's not pleasant, per se, but in a weird way, it also sort of... is? If you're strangely into it—or aren't, but recognize the importance of strong glutes for overall mobility and muscular health and are willing to do what it takes to get them—the latest episode of Good Moves should be entered into your workout rotation, stat.

Experts In This Article

In the video, Chloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates demos a quick-and-dirty derrière-centric series of exercises that are guaranteed to make you feel the burn. "Today I am going to give you a squat Pilates workout," she says.

If you're not a fan of squats, bad news; they're one of the most efficient and effective exercises in existence. In order to do a squat, your body activates around 200 upper- and lower-body muscles—200! Squats can help improve your strength, power, bone density, posture, and overall athletic performance. All of this makes everyday movement easier, which is something you may or may not take for granted now but trust that at some point, it will matter to you, a lot. 

In her demo of said squats, de Winter utilizes a resistance band to make things extra hard on the glutes; however, she notes that the workout is designed to be effective without any equipment, so being short a band is no excuse for skipping the series. If you're ready to burn, baby, burn—or just know you'll feel better if you force yourself to get in a quality glute workout—slap on a sports bra and press play on the video above.

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