This 18-Minutes Pilates Workout Will Make Your Buns Burn Like They’ve Been in the Oven Too Long

With all the sitting most of us do, it takes a lot of effort to have a backside resembling anything other than a pancake. If juicy peaches are more your vibe, you've got to really work for it, which is why it makes sense to add glute-specific workouts into your regular fitness regimen. In the latest episode of Good MovesBrian Spencer of East River Pilates offers just that: An 18-minute Pilates routine that will set your buns aflame.

"Today we're going to be doing a nice 18-minute glute-burner," he says. "Who is excited to get some hot cross buns?"

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While aesthetics always offer compelling motivation to push through uncomfortable workouts, building glute strength is important for reasons that go beyond vanity. For starters, strong glutes can help to prevent injury to your knees, lower back, groin, and hamstrings. Strong glutes are also a critical component of any athletic performance; they're responsible for powering jumps, accelerating movement, and enabling directional changes.

Whether you're a Pilates pro or novice, Spencer's workout is designed to meet you where you are. "As always, I'll be giving out some modifications as we go along; feel free to take any that you need for yourself, or if you know some options as well, live your best life," he says. And while it's not exactly fun to feel the burn, he does a stellar job of motivating you to push through it. "Try to really get each vertebrae into the mat... as if each one is going to give you a million dollars," Spencer directs during one exercise.

Spoiler alert: This workout is not going to earn you millions of dollars. But unless you're one of the lucky few to have a non-computer-based job, your glutes are likely in need of a little (tough) love, regardless of a lack of IRL financial incentives. Press play on the video above to shape them into something actually resembling a bun.

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