Have Chronically Tight Hips? Strengthen *This* Muscle To Get Rid of Pain

Tightness in the hips is a sensation many of us can relate to, because having a desk job that promotes hours of sedentary behavior can do a number on our hips. That tight feeling can also signify weakness in the hip flexors, so it's important to not only stretch but also to strengthen the area in order to find relief. And on the latest episode of Good MovesBrian Spencer of East River Pilates demos a 15-minute Pilates workout for the hips designed to do just that.

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"Today we are getting into those hips, working on our pelvic mobility and stability, strengthening all of those glutes, and getting a little bit of a hip flexor stretch," he says.

As Spencer implies, to best activate and rehab the hips, you can't focus on them alone. Instead, you have to engage neighboring muscle groups, including the glutes. "Strong glute max engagement is one of the best ways to alleviate chronic hip flexor tension," he says. "So if you're someone who always has those tight hips, strengthening that opposite muscle group will go so, so far."

In essence, you're getting a two-for-one deal by working that booty in service of your hip flexors, and who doesn't want a stronger, tighter bum? Plus, working this routine into your fitness regimen regularly can help to ensure you don't walk around feeling like you just got off the back of a horse all day. Press play on the video above to get looser hips, firmer glutes, and a more comfortable you.

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