6 Hanging Daybeds to Inspire Your Dreamy Summer-Nap Situation

Photo: Pinterest/Atelier Sukha

The season of warm weather and summer Fridays is fast-approaching (#grateful). You can use that extra time to do everything from book it to the beach and have a picnic in the park to kick off the weekend right with a super-fun outdoor workout. Or maybe, you'd rather just recline and relax in a comfortable space under the sun and let a welcome breeze wash away your worries. According to Pinterest, that last particularly restorative option seems to be the popular consensus.

The pinning platform's Summer Entertaining Report notes that dreamy hanging daybeds are all the rage, and a rep clarified via email that searches for the item have increased by 142 percent since last year. And, based on all the stylish setups, complete with fluffy pillows and comforters, it's easy to see why. 

If you're in the mood to DIY—or, let's be real, TaskRabbit—your own serene daybed, here are some of the most dreamy options on Pinterest. Warning: They may have you thinking about naps all day long.

Find your dreamy summer nook below.

For more sleep inspiration, consider taking a nap in nature or even going on a sleep vacation.

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