Pinterest’s New Inclusive Skin-Tone Filter Lets Babes of *Every* Shade Enjoy Beauty Inspo

Photo: Stocksy/Jovo Jovanovic
Pinterest supplies inspo for everything: home decor, healthy recipes, DIY projects—you name it. And thanks to its recent update, when you search for anything makeup-related, you'll notice that the platform just got a whole lot more inclusive.

This week, Pinterest released a skin-tone filter that lets every shade of boss babe get ideas for foundation, eye shadow, and hues to flatter all complexions. After setting the filter, Pinterest will only surface search results of women who have the same complexion as you, Cosmopolitan reports.

To start using the filter, simply pull up Pinterest and search for something beauty-related. After the pins load, you'll have the option to filter by four different skin-tone ranges.

Photo: Courtesy Pinterest

"We’ve heard from Pinners that it’s not always easy to find the most relevant ideas among the 8 billion beauty and hair Pins on our site," a Pinterest rep said in a press release. "That’s why we’re rolling out a way to customize your beauty search results by a skin-tone range."

This might be the first of many ways Pinterest becomes more inclusive, as the platform noted to Cosmopolitan it is considering other ways to "add in additional layers of trait-based personalization." Maybe the next feature will make sorting through hairstyles by texture easier, and other customizations along those lines. The sky (er, web) is the limit—so major beauty inspo, here you come.

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