Pinterest Predicts 2018 Will Be Full of Gut-Friendly Cooking and *Edible* Essential Oils

Photo: Stocksy/Michela Ravasio

While some fads come and go, others stick—or, well, get pinned—in such a high volume, they become legit trends. And according to Pinterest's just-released trends report, health and wellness look to be super-popular in 2018.

Of Pinterest's top 100 trend predictions, all things self care, healthy cooking (especially air-frying), and essential oils are the most exciting, with all garnering more than 500 percent more saved pins than in past years. (Though, "gut health" labeled pins being saved 250 percent more this year sure isn't anything to ignore).

In fact, you might not be the only one in your friend group who's obsessed with frankincense and helichrysum anymore. Yep, prepare for your wellness-world vocabulary to go mainstream sooner than later.

Here are four wellness trends Pinterest predicts will become even bigger in 2018.

1. Edible essential oils

According to the trend forecast, people are searching like crazy for even more ways to reap the benefits of wellness-boosting oils—particularly via food. The saves for "essential oil food recipe" are up 689 percent! But, pro-tip: If you find something you want to try, make sure you're using a food-grade–labeled oil.

2. Self-care staycations

While it's always fun to book a trip and plan an adventure, there's not much better than a self-care staycation—and Pinterest's data proves many people are thinking the exact same thing: The saves for "self-care" are up 537 percent. So, the next time you need a break from your daily grind—even if it's just an hour—turn off your phone, apply a face mask, take a soak in the bath, and listen to your favorite tunes—maybe even pick up a page-turner in the tub.

3. Vitamin C serum

The benefits of adding vitamin C serum into your skin-care routine are seemingly endless: The antioxidant can keep your skin bright and firm by fighting off free-radical damage, reducing inflammation, and even promoting collagen production. Plus it can help fight acne! So, really it's not shocking that the magical elixir "vitamin C serum" is up a whopping 3,379 percent in search.

4. Air-fryers

Fried food need not be totally unhealthy. Thanks to air fryers, which use hot air to make your sweet potatoes just as crispy as oil-cooked fries, you can enjoy all your favorite guilty pleasures without so much oil (and steer clear of gut-busting, digestion-disrupting, sleep-depriving side effects in the process). The search for "air fryer" is up 1,809 percent because folks are curious (and obsessed with) the healthier alternative.

These 2018 trends have wellness insiders buzzing the most. Or, check out the comfiest footwear trend of the year.

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