Astrologers Say One Zodiac Sign Is Poised To Have the Best 2022 Ever

While we may be chugging along collectively in the Age of Aquarius—a time largely marked by humanitarian pursuits and innovation—Aquarian water-bearers will soon relinquish their fortuitous spot in the celestial spotlight. In 2021, Jupiter was in the sign of Aquarius, offering its associated cosmic wave of luck and good fortune to the air sign. But soon, Jupiter and the sunny energy it brings will move into Pisces, making the water sign destined to have the best year of all signs in 2022.

That’s right, Pisces, you can expect this year's Jupiter transit to herald your best year ever (or, at least, a really good one) in 2022, thanks to the symbolism of Jupiter and the areas of life over which it rules. “Jupiter is the planet in charge of expansion, luck, optimism, joy, abundance, and growth,” says astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss. “It’s known as the ‘greater benefic,’ with the other benefic being Venus.”

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When Jupiter shifts into Pisces on December 28—where it will remain until May 10, 2022—it essentially smiles down upon you, expanding opportunities across all areas of life, with a focus on elements of travel (whether literally or by way of a metaphorical broadening of your horizons). From May 10 to October 28, however, it's worth noting that Jupiter takes a quick turn in Aries. “This could put a brief pause on the abundant Piscean magic of the year, though the planet returns to Pisces from October 29 to December 20 once more,” says Weiss.

Because Jupiter takes about 12 years to make its way through the zodiac wheel, this will be the first time since 2010 that the planet has made a full transit in Pisces, says Weiss. So, you might look back to that year to introspect on what kinds of growth experiences you may be building upon for this coming year.

"For Pisces, it's really about being optimistic and just going for it, as Jupiter in your sign responds more to faith than preparation." —Colin Bedell, astrologer

To lean into that growth energy, astrologer Colin Bedell, author of Queer Cosmos, suggests embracing faith, vision, and optimism. “This is not a year for weighing circumstances. This is not a year for, ‘If this, then that.’ It’s really about being optimistic and just going for it, as Jupiter in your sign responds more to faith than preparation,” he says.

As for the absolute best days of Pisces’ best year in 2022? Those will likely be the first week of March and the last week of April, according to Weiss. In both cases, Venus—the planet of love, beauty, and value—will also be in Pisces, where it’s considered “exalted,” says Weiss, “which simply means it’s at its healthiest, happiest, and most beautifully Venusian.”

During the first week of March, specifically, the sun joins in on the Pisces fun, too, and is conjunct Jupiter on March 5, making that an extra-lucky day. “Pisces with early birthdays, take note,” Weiss says. And during that last week of April, Jupiter and Venus are close together in degree in Pisces, which brings opportunities all around, particularly for Pisces placements. “This is an excellent time for love and money matters, and anything beauty-adjacent,” says Weiss. “So, plan weddings, engagements, first dates, salon appointments, and any professional launches where your persona is part of the brand around this time.”


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