6 Memes That Perfectly Sum up Pisces People

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The astrological tide has changed and we are now officially in Pisces season, which means you can and should expect a lot of emotions from everyone all the time (at least until March 20). As a time of year that's ruled by water—plus, the transitional period from winter to spring, Pisces season is a tumultuous time wherein reflection, intuition, and sentimentality preside over your life rather than, say, rationality and logic.

Another thing the new zodiac season is bringing is the beginning of a new meme cycle, which is TBH, probably what I'm most excited about. Kind of like the way that Facebook is the only reminder of people's birthdays, Instagram memes are a foolproof reminder of the changing astrological periods. Pisces season is an especially good time for astrology memes since some of Pisces' trademark characteristics are being hyper-emotional, unconditionally-loving escapists—all great internet fodder for sure.

Scroll down to see the top 6 Pisces characteristics perfectly summed up as memes.

1. you have strong woo woo inclinations

You're a believer in the power of intuition and gut feelings, which is part of the reason you gravitate toward all things woo-woo and esoteric. Of course, you have a grasp of your own birth chart but you've also created mental birth charts for every important passing character in your life.

2. You are very emotional

No seriously, it doesn't take much for a Pisces to cry. A child dropping an ice cream cone, spotting a puppy that is almost too cute, seeing your best friend after 1.5 days apart, thinking about Up—literally, anything and everything.

3. your heightened sense of emotion extends to the people around you

You're basically a serial empathizer and nothing brings you more joy than the feeling that you're looking after someone (or everyone's) secrets. You revel in being the go-to confidante for the people in your life. You're kind of the mother hen in your friend group because of your displays of affection and unconditional love for everyone.

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4. You have...escapist tendencies

You'll have to click through to the fourth slide for this one to make sense. But trust, it's worth it. Pisces don't live in denial per se, but reality isn't the most important thing to you. Daydreaming and escapism are tolerated, nay necessary, parts of getting through everyday life. And being the hyper-emotional creature that you are, if you were tuned into the "real world" 24/7, you'd be an inconsolable mess.

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5. you're an introverted extrovert

You struggle to find that middle ground between the need for social interaction and the necessity of solo recharging time. You want to be there for yourself but you also want to be there for everyone else!

6. You love hosting your own pity parties

Okay, click to the second screen for this one. It's all in jest but you're known for being on the melodramatic side—you will most definitely cry over a broken nail or a tiny snag in your favorite pair of leggings. But considering the fact that it's officially Pisces season, it's your party and you can cry if you want to.

If you're a Pisces, you're in good company, Rihanna and Drew Barrymore both fall under the astrological sign.

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