Everything You Need To Know About Pisces, the Psychic Empaths of the Zodiac

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Pisces, born between the dates of February 19 to March 20 are the psychics of the zodiac wheel, and one of Pisces’ personality traits is that they tend to give more than they receive. When they do receive, though, it isn’t always to a positive effect. I lived with a Pisces for four years, and thanks to our close proximity and her strong sense of empathy, she caught a lot of my bad moods. Even when we were happy together and her natural state of being (funny and personable) was intact, she was able to sense when something was really, really wrong.

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And she’s hardly the only empathetic Pisces of the world with super-psychic tendencies, which can extend to those born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp and Pisces-Aries cusp, or dates that are close to the beginning or end of Pisces season. So to better understand what makes these twin fish tick, below, learn about Pisces personality traits and get clear on how those traits translate to careers in which they thrive and types of people with whom they best connect.

Key Pisces personality traits

Neptune—the celestial body associated with ideals, dreams, and mystical inclinations—is the ruling planet of Pisces, and many of their characteristics are generally linked to their planetary ruler. Pisces are considered to be the empaths of the cosmos, and they are profoundly intuitive and psychic.

The Pisces symbol, which is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, is also reflective of Piscean individuals, who flit between fantasy and reality. This characteristic lends Pisces their spiritual quality, but when stressed or distracted, they are prone to floating off into their own fantasy worlds. As the twin fish, it should come as no surprise that Pisces are ruled by the element of water, which makes them one of the most emotional individuals of the zodiac—both in their own sensitives and in taking on those of others. But their sensitivity isn’t necessarily a weakness.

Among Pisces’ strengths is their ability to feel deeply and be tuned in to others in a way that nobody else can touch.They are one of the go-with-flow mutable signs, which plays to their strength of connecting with others. “Because of this, they make great chameleons who can get along with a wide variety of people and find a way to flow with whatever life brings to them,” says astrologer Rachel Lang. “They are gracefully resilient and adaptable.”

“Pisces make great chameleons who can get along with a wide variety of people and find a way to flow with whatever life brings to them.” —Rachel Lang, astrologer

To add another dimension to their gift of connecting, Pisces are known for being exceptionally selfless and nurturing. But on the flip side, they may play the victim card if they feel that the love they offer isn’t being sent back to them. While greatly intuitive, Pisces often have trouble discerning between good and bad people, because they want to see the best in everyone. Sometimes this optimism opens them up to relationships that don’t serve them, which can lend itself to codependency.

“They can lose themselves in relationships,” Lang says. “They may become disillusioned. They see the best in others and expect them to act accordingly. When others don’t live up to Pisces’ ideas of who they are, Pisces can feel blindsided and betrayed.”

Pisces are also incredibly creative, and able to channel the flow of their water-sign energy into something beautiful. As natural performers, it makes sense why the likes of Liza Minelli, Rihanna, and Kurt Cobain are all twin fish. But while they are able to create excellent work, that drive may lead them to crash as they chase a big dream without first caring for themselves. So basically, if you have a hardworking Pisces friend working on their next big masterpiece, make sure they’re sleeping and staying hydrated.

Pisces strengths

One classic Pisces’ strength is their intuition. “Pisces is highly intuitive and perceptive, often sensing things others may overlook,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at Best of Psychic Reader. They can effortlessly pick up on the energy and emotions of those around them. They know how you feel when you walk in the room, says Lang, adding that they can be incredibly psychic as well.

That intuitive ability plays into Pisces’ strength as an empath. “Pisces can easily use their powers of perception to tune into their various environments, sensing what is said or unsaid, seen or unseen, by the people around them,” astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides previously told Well+Good. As one of the water signs, they may especially find empathy to be a natural predisposition.

Pisces can also channel their imagination and deepest feelings into creative ventures. “They are creative to the core, and they may have multiple ways of expressing their creativity through things like coding, art, dancing, music, or writing poetry,” says Lang. As they often possess a go-with-the flow energy, they can find imaginative solutions to difficulties. “When presented with a dilemma, their adaptability allows them to think on their feet and alter their strategy,” says Newman.

Pisces weaknesses

While Pisces’ imaginative nature can play out as creativity in some circumstances, it can also manifest itself as being detached from reality. “Illusion is a challenge,” says Lang. “They can build an idea up in their mind that seems ideal but isn’t practical or grounded. Therefore, their dreams need grounding through collaborators, other leaders of organizations, or time with friends.”

Because of Pisces’ tendency to live in their own fantasy world, they can be careless since they are often distracted by their ideas and dreams, says Newman, and their ephemeral quality can easily be mistaken as a lack of interest, even if it’s not intended that way. That said, the twin fish can be too selfless at times. “Pisces may struggle with setting healthy boundaries and asserting their desires, leading to potential exploitation or burnout,” says Newman.

Since they can be emotional sponges, they are also prone to being overly sensitive. “Because of their sensitivity, they are prone to overreacting or becoming overwhelmed in emotionally charged circumstances,” says Newman, and at worst, they can play the victim when confronted with obstacles and confrontations. “This can be attributed to their intense emotional nature and a need to be rescued or supported by others,” she says.

How to get along with a Pisces

Given that key Pisces personality traits are that they tend to be sensitive to energy, and particularly energy that skews negative, the name of the game is to go with the flow and be honest. “If you’re having a bad day or something’s off for you, tell them,” says Lang. “Otherwise, Pisces may personalize your low energy or inadvertently take it on. They need to know the truth, or they will make up a story for why you didn’t call them right back. Be direct, but gentle. Honest, but kind.”

Also know that Pisces love to have fun. Since “feeling” is their superpower, they want to zap up joyful, playful energy. If you can make a Pisces double over with giggles, you’ll likely have a forever friend in them.

What Pisces needs to be happy

Generally speaking, Pisces needs someone to ground them and to respect their more eccentric whims. Reciprocity is another key component for Pisces happiness; their most successful and healthy relationships are bidirectional in terms of affection and respect.

"Pisces needs strong, solid relationships—ones that allow them to be their authentic selves. They need to be free to express themselves." —Rachel Lang, astrologer

“Pisces needs strong, solid relationships—ones that allow them to be their authentic selves,” says Lang. “They need to be free to express themselves, no matter how weird or out there they may seem.”

Pisces in love and friendships

When it comes to relationships, “Pisces are romantic, emotionally intuitive, devoted, compassionate, and nurturing,” says Newman. “They don’t even judge … in hard times. So if they love you, they will stay with you.” That said, “they need to be careful not to fall in love with the fantasy of someone or that person’s potential,” says Lang. If they focus too much on ideals, they may check out, shut down, or take a break if their partner defies their expectations or a problem arises.

In any case, Pisces—and Pisces moon signs—are compassionate and giving in their relationships, and because they are so emotional in tune, they can often provide a comforting presence and offer a space for their loved ones to share their feelings. While they are happy to offer up their love, they are also sensitive individuals who need to be cared for in return. Lang warns that Piscean individuals have a tendency to give up too much themselves, so it’s important for them to avoid making sacrifices that compromise their own boundaries. “Otherwise, they can be passive aggressive if resentments build up,” she says.

These traits can help determine Pisces compatibility—or rather which of the fellow zodiac signs Pisces are most and least compatible with.

The zodiac signs Pisces is most compatible with

These fish tend to play nice in the pool with fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, which likely has to do with all three of these signs being more emotionally oriented. What’s more? “Pisces also gets along well with earth signs Capricorn and Taurus because the signs can be a grounding influence for Pisces, helping them keep a foot in the practical world,” says Lang. “I see a lot of great Pisces-Capricorn or Pisces-Taurus couples with long-lasting, healthy relationships.” Pisces and Virgo can also get along, though they are considered opposite zodiac signs. “I’ve seen a number of happy Virgo-Pisces couples, because Virgo can be a real grounding presence for Pisces, and Pisces can help Virgo break the habit of overanalyzing,” Lang told Well+Good.

The zodiac signs Pisces is least compatible with

Conversely, Pisces may struggle to get along with fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Pisces may find it difficult trying to keep up with the fire sign’s lively and spontaneous energy, while fire signs might find Pisces to be too emotional and sensitive. Air signs are cerebral with a tendency to write off hunches based on emotion, while Pisces wear their heart on their sleeve, so an emotional level, it can be hard for these signs to find common ground with the twin fish.

Of course, astrological compatibility is much more complex than comparing sun signs alone, so these are just broad-strokes guidelines in lieu of a more detailed natal-chart analysis.

Pisces at work

Given that Pisces are givers and healers, jobs that utilize those skills are often a natural fit. Therapist, nurse, alternative-medicine practitioner, or anyone in the helping profession are great options. “Pisces make natural healers and have the compassion to be able to work with just about anyone. They make excellent caregivers,” says Lang. “Pisces also make excellent artists, dancers, actors, and musicians.”

And they can also use their power to feel and predict as a means to sell something. “I’ve seen Pisces thrive in sales professions, like car sales, medical sales, and even real estate,” Lang says. “They have an intuition that helps them know the right words to say to close a deal.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the stereotype of a Pisces?

Pisces have a reputation for flitting between fantasy and reality, and they are also known for being empathetic to the point of being borderline psychic.

Do Pisces have two personalities?

Pisces, represented by the twin fish, have an inherent duality that could be taken as two opposite sides of their personality. “Pisces may be torn between fantasy and reality,” astrologer Stephanie Gailing previously told Well+Good. “They need to stay really present to not confuse the two.”

Who is the opposite of a Pisces?

The opposite zodiac sign of Pisces is Virgo, an earth sign known for their practicality and attention to detail. Although the two signs couldn’t seem more unalike, they can balance each other out if they learn to overcome their differences.

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