Pisces Season Is Bringing Dreamy Vibes—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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It may be mid-February, but in zodiac world, we are just wrapping up the astrological year. Pisces season, which begins when the sun enters the mystical water sign of Pisces on February 19 and ends on March 20, signals the culmination of the astrological calendar and a time of self-reflection. (The following zodiac season is Aries, which begins with the spring equinox and brings the start of a new astrological year.) In particular, as we enter the season of the fish and navigate the final few weeks of winter, astrologers suggest turning inward and taking stock of lessons learned.

Overall mood and energy of Pisces season

Ruled by Neptune—the planet of inspiration, illusion, and ideas—the sign of Pisces is often associated with introspection and dreams, as well as inner wisdom. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is thought to embody the lessons of the other 11 signs that come before it, ruling over our collective consciousness.

"We always focus in Pisces season on turning in and catching up with ourselves emotionally and spiritually."—Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer

Because Pisces is a mutable sign, its season involves flexibility and adaptability, and a willingness to learn, says astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, host of Ghost of a Podcast. "We always focus in Pisces season on turning in and catching up with ourselves emotionally and spiritually," she says.

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Thanks to Pisces's natural sense of creativity and imagination, this opportunity for self-reflection can prove supportive for some. But for others, the sign's emotional undercurrent can create indecisiveness and an inability to see things through to completion, adds Lanyadoo. In general, Pisces season has a bit of a murky vibe to it—not unlike the weather of February, in many places—and you can navigate it best by leaning into the natural gray areas of life.

Key transits happening during Pisces season 2023

Planetary movements

The most influential transit of Pisces season this year is Saturn's shift into Pisces on March 7, marking the first time that the planet of structure, discipline, and boundaries has been in the mystical fish sign in 29.5 years. Saturn's movement is significant for all signs because it signals changes and new lessons to be learned: While the combination of Pisces's artistic nature and deep feelings and Saturn's get-it-done determination may create some friction, the transit can also help soften Saturn's typical tough-love energy. “It’s a great time for everyone to think about moving past perceived limitations in order to achieve their big goals and dreams,” says astrologer Celeste Brooks.

Not to put a damper on this good news, but when Saturn moves into Pisces, it'll also join Neptune (Pisces's ruling planet)—which hasn't happened since the 1840s, says Lanyadoo—injecting a thrum of uncertainty and anxiety. Both planets will remain together in the mutable water sign until 2026, putting Neptunian themes through the Saturnian ringer. This means it's important to "pay attention to our material coping mechanisms for anxiety, overwhelm, stress and worry," says Lanyadoo. Anchoring yourself in community and other support systems and embracing spiritual outlets will be helpful, she says.

Lunar transits

The moon, which rules the inner self and emotional personality, will throw some tests at all of us this Pisces season, too. First among the lunar transits is “a lovely, sparkly new moon,” says Lanyadoo, which occurs in Pisces on the first day of the season, February 19. New moons—and particularly new moons in the imaginative sign of Pisces—are a time to set intentions and dream big. But on this particular one, the influence of Saturn in Aquarius, the sign just before Pisces in the sky, could emphasize accountability, says Lanyadoo. “We’re likely to feel concerned with things of major significance, and we need to be really intentional about what we do and how we do it because it will bear consequences,” she says.

“This is going to be a tricky series of lunations in Pisces season, but the opportunity within all of this lunar activity is that we cultivate more self-awareness and act on it.” —Lanyadoo

The lunar hijinks continue when the full moon occurs in Virgo on March 7. As the closure of a lunar cycle, a full moon can bring things to the surface, demonstrating the consequences of your actions in the previous month—which can be activating. And irritations could be doubly on the rise here as intense Mars and the moon also form a T-square, or are in opposition. Lanyadoo advises making sure that any conflicts you find yourself in are really worth it and not just for the sake of scrapping.

At the same time, however, the Mars-moon intensity could run hot and fast in more positive ways, generating great romantic chemistry—but again, considering the potential for lasting consequences here, Lanyadoo still advises thinking before acting on strong passions. Overall, she says, “this is going to be a tricky series of lunations in Pisces season, but the opportunity within all of this lunar activity is that we cultivate more self-awareness and act on it.”

Which signs are most affected by Pisces season?

The zodiac’s mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) will feel the energy of Pisces season most acutely because they “experience the sun moving through Pisces [in the potent] aspects of either conjunction, square, or opposition,” says Brooks. For Pisces, the sun will be conjunct (aka in the same place as) the sun in their birth chart—hence Pisces season being the season of Pisces's birthday!—offering up an energetic boost and fresh start.

But for Virgo and Gemini, the season could prove to be intense in a more challenging way. These signs experience the sun in Pisces either in direct opposition (Virgo) or in a tense square (Gemini) to the sun in their birth charts, both aspects "where there can be a challenge or crisis, pushing you to deal with an issue or situation that you may have been ignoring,” says Brooks.

The rest of the signs, to a less intense degree, will also be uniquely affected by the energy of Pisces season, given that the sun in Pisces resides in a different astrological house for each one. Read on to learn your sign's Pisces-season forecast and how you can make the most of it.

Pisces season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Because the sun in Pisces resides in your 12th house of dreams and emotions, you're invited to spend some alone time, Aries, and work to heal inner wounds. It’s a time to identify destructive, draining, or self-sabotaging habits or thoughts and take steps to get rid of them, says Brooks.


It's your 11th house of friendships and networking that gets the spotlight from the sun this season, Taurus. Consider your biggest hopes and dreams, and do an audit of how your current friend or social groups may—or may not be—supporting these ambitions. This could be a time to "expand your associations with like-minded people, whether through organizations or friends groups," says Brooks. You may find yourself needing to reconsider not just whether you belong in certain groups, but also what role you might play in these groups, and whether that role is in alignment with your values, she adds.


Your work life could be under review this season, Gemini. The sun in Pisces is in your 10th house of career and reputation, pushing you to evaluate how fulfilled you really feel in these areas of life. Brooks suggests taking stock of your day-to-day goals and longer-term goals, and considering how the first is feeding into the second. “This is also a great time to consider if you are ready to take on more responsibilities and move upward,” she says. And if you're having trouble taking the next step or aligning your career with your values, Brooks recommends seeking guidance, whether from a mentor or career or spiritual advisor.


Given that Pisces season activates your ninth house of travel and expansion, you could find yourself with the urge to broaden your horizons this month, Cancer. You can certainly do that with actual travel (or by planning a trip), but it's also possible to expand your mental horizons by taking a course in a new subject or adopting a new spiritual practice, says Brooks. “You might want to think about expanding your mastery in a particular subject by getting a certificate or degree, or studying something that brings you joy.”


The sun in Pisces resides in your eighth house, which is all about deep psychological processes and shared responsibility, like taxes and debt. According to Brooks, this season is an invitation to get your things in order, which could mean, literally, getting taxes done early. Reflecting deeply through journaling is also an aligned choice. And in terms of important relationships, like perhaps one with a romantic partner, Brooks says "it could be a great time to have a conversation where you're compassionate and forgiving with each other and really letting yourself get vulnerable in order to heal a deep conflict."


As noted above, you could really be tested this season, Virgo, given that your sign is exactly opposite Pisces in the zodiac, putting the sun in opposition to your chart. In particular, the challenge will likely arise in your relationships, whether romantic or platonic, given that Pisces rules your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships.

Indeed, taskmaster Saturn, also in Pisces come March 7 and activating your seventh house, could further test one or more of your relationships, shifting the power dynamic or pushing you toward commitment. “It might be that you take a serious step forward with your partner, like deciding to move in together,” says Brooks. In any case, approach the change with caution and compassion; one-on-one conflicts aren't going to serve you during this time, she says.


Your routines and rituals are due for a tune-up, Libra. Pisces occupies your sixth house of daily well-being, which makes Pisces season a good time to consider "how you can run your life with more efficiency," says Brooks. This could mean negotiating a new agreement for household tasks with a partner or roommates who aren’t pulling their weight, or starting up a new fitness or meditation practice that better aligns with your schedule.


Romance is in the air for you, Scorpio. Pisces resides in your fifth house of leisure and joy, infusing this time with positive vibes that encourage you to "get your sexy on and have some fun, whether you're single or in a relationship," says Brooks. If you're partnered, that might mean planning a special date night (or two or three) with your S.O. over the next couple weeks, and if you're single, consider how you might put yourself out there. Just be careful of potential illusions in love; after all, this season's planetary ruler is the mysterious Neptune. Take time to really get to know any new person before diving into dating.


The sun is highlighting your fourth house of home and lineage this season, Sagittarius. According to Brooks, you might find yourself with more responsibility to take care of home-related items as a result. “If there is anything in your house that is malfunctioning, I'd suggest fixing it now,” she says. On a cosmetic level, it’s a good time to redecorate and declutter, but it’s also important to tend to the deeper parts of the home in the form of your familial relationships. “Perhaps this means caring for aging parents or offering some extra support to a sibling,” she says.


Prepare for a busy month ahead, Capricorn. The sun in Pisces highlights your third house, which is “the house of our immediate environment,” encompassing communication, neighbors, and siblings. “When you have the sun in your third house, you can find yourself busy with a lot of errands,” says Brooks. These can take many forms, she adds. Perhaps you find that you need to take care of the basics, like tasks tied to car or home maintenance, or maybe, you wind up spending more time in your community, working with a local advocacy group or supporting local businesses to strengthen those bonds.


Fresh off your own season, you'll feel the effects of Pisces season in your second house of resources and value. This is a time to make sure your needs are being met, but also, to review your spending, says Brooks. Is there a way to allocate your paycheck or income more smartly toward the things that light you up and to shift spending away from the other stuff? The changes you make now could set the foundation for you to move toward your bigger visions and dreams later this year, adds Brooks.


It's your birthday season, and you're feeling more full of vitality than usual, Pisces. With the sun in the same location as your natal sun, you have an opportunity to step into an even more powerful iteration of your identity. "Consider how you might redefine yourself or speak with a new, more empowered voice," says Brooks, "and how you might let go of self-undoing or self-sabotaging characteristics." This might look like starting a new wellness or fitness routine or setting a new intention around how you'd like to live your life in greater alignment with your core values.

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