There Are a Whopping 5 Planets in Emotional Pisces This Week—Here’s How That Influence May Impact You

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In astrology, a stellium occurs when three or more planets are in a given zodiac sign at the same time. Since a planet being in any zodiac can influence the energetic vibes, a stellium triples down on that effect. This week, with a stellium of not three, not four, but five planets in dreamy Pisces, you can expect to experience a more community-oriented, hopeful, and emotional effect than you might otherwise.

Happening on April 26 when the moon moves into Pisces for two days, the stellium includes (in addition to the moon, which rules motions), Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values), Mars (the planet of physical energy), Jupiter (the planet of luck), and Neptune (the planet of inspiration). This particular stellium is set to have folks take a more communitarian and hopeful approach, and it might just have us all in our feelings.

While astrologer Amber Jay notes that a stellium isn't super rare, they’re still quite special, and this particular stellium in Pisces—the sign set to have the best 2022—is particularly potent. “The basis of Pisces is understanding how we all fall into each other,” she says. “It recognizes that we aren’t separate from each other in the ways that matter.” For that reason, the stellium in Pisces will have folks thinking about how we might be able to help one another.

This stellium in Pisces will have folks thinking about how we might be able to help one another.

While there are certainly positive effects of the stellium in Pisces, as it provides an opportunity for people to be more hopeful, compassionate, and kind, astrologer Mecca Woods says people would benefit from being aware of Pisces’ shadow side, too, and the challenging components that might introduce. “Having so many planets in Pisces can create a lot of sadness, because people tend to feel things a lot," she says. "They're more psychically and energetically sensitive to the things that are going on around them,” says Woods.

Keep reading to learn what else you can expect from the stellium in Pisces this week, given each specific planetary influence.

What to expect from the stellium in Pisces, according to each of the 5 planets involved in the cosmic occurrence

1. The moon

Because the moon rules over emotions and Pisces is an already-emotional water sign, having this celestial body in Pisces for two days means that you might be a bit more sentimental than you’re used to around the stellium in Pisces. On March 2, there was a new moon in Pisces, which essentially created a portal of endless opportunities. This energy will carry on in the Pisces stellium.

To ensure this charged emotional energy stays positive during the stellium, Woods recommends practicing self-care and reminding yourself that it’s okay (and potentially inevitable) to feel all the feels during this time. When you’re aware of the heightened emotional vibe swirling, Woods adds, it can be easier to practice self-care because you know that it’s necessary in order for you to feel balanced.

2. Venus

“Venus loves to be in Pisces. She’s able to do her best Venus work there, because she has all the tools necessary,” says Jay. Since Venus rules over relationships, values, and finances, Jay says some folks may stumble into a positive money-related venture surrounding the stellium in Pisces.

With Venus in Pisces (between April 6 and May 2), Jay says now is also a great time to dedicate energy to mindfully considering what you would like to manifest into your life. If you’ve been meaning to start a side gig, reach out to a potential crush, or plan a trip that you’ve been postponing, now’s the time to shoot your shot.

Because Venus also has implications in relationships, in that folks “might be inclined to be more sweet, more expressive, and more emotional," says Jay. "We’ll feel rewarded when we express ourselves not only in our romantic relationships, but in all our relationships.”

3. Mars

"Mars doesn't love being in Pisces, but it also doesn't hate being in Pisces,” says Jay. “Mars is about action, ambition, and what we like to do.” Essentially, action-oriented Mars being part of the emotional Pisces stellium (it's in the emotional sign April 15 to May 24) means that “Mars has to do its job the Pisces way, so our actions become more thoughtful, because we're thinking of other people,” she adds.

Jay says faith, higher knowledge, and spirituality may also be a big component of Mars's influence on the Pisces stellium, because Pisces rules the 12th astrological house, which has to do with sorrows, loss, and hidden life, as well as esoteric practices.

4. Jupiter

Though Neptune is Pisces’ ruler in modern astrology, traditional astrology lists Jupiter as this water sign’s ruler, meaning that the planet of luck also functions optimally in Pisces. Jupiter has been in Pisces since the last week of December 2021 and will remain until May 10, so you may have already noticed that luck is in the air.

“Pisces will be home in Jupiter, which symbolizes having an expansion of hope, faith, and interconnectedness with those around us,” says Jay. To best cash in on this fortuitous energy, you might want to remember that even though we have personal differences, we’re all still human—which ultimately makes us the same. “Understanding that helps people to feel hopeful and good about the future and how things might go,” says Jay.

5. Neptune

As the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune is also at home in this sign. Because Neptune is the planet of inspiration and Pisces is already a head-in-the-clouds sign, this placement, which has existed since 2011 and will remain through 2026 encourages folks to dream big.

Whether your dreams are relational, professional, or personal, the energy of Neptune being in Pisces, joined by the other four planets, supports their realization. So, go forth—make your dreams come true.

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