Pisces and Taurus Are Wildly Compatible Both in Friendships and Relationships—Here’s Why

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Do you religiously check your Co-Star app each and every morning? Better yet, do you filter your Bumble matches by birth sign? (Because ICYDK, yes, that’s a thing.) Or maybe you’re the person who, as soon as someone reveals something telling, you immediately ask them what their sign is to try to make sense of it. If you said (or thought) Yup, that’s me to any of those scenarios, you’re not alone. That said, it also means that you may not be giving all the could-be-relationships in your life a fair chance. After all, if the apps you use advise you against certain star signs, there’s a very good chance you may oblige. The thing is, there are some major myths about astrological compatibility. Namely, that some signs simply won’t work together.

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On the contrary: “Any zodiac sign combination can be compatible—it all comes down to communication skills, maturity, and desire,” says certified astrologer Annabel Gat, on behalf of the open-minded dating app, Feeld. That said, she admits that each sun sign pairing has its own special chemistry. With that in mind—especially as we head into spring—keep reading to learn about Pisces and Taurus compatibility.

Pisces and Taurus friendship compatibility

Considering their closeness in the zodiac, which has them situated just two signs apart, Pisces and Taurus are known to make for close, nurturing friendships. Where Pisces is a water sign, best known for being emotional, empathic, and idealistic, Taurus is an earth sign renowned for being dedicated, dependable, and a bit more realistic. Because of this, Gat says that Taureans can be the rock that Pisceans need, especially because Pisceans tend to be a bit more unpredictable.

“Pisces often really appreciates Taurus’s communication skills, especially how reliable and clear they are, and Taurus adores watching Pisces socialize and being part of their friend group,” Gat adds, noting that these forms of compatibility spill over into romantic relationships between the signs, too.

Pisces and Taurus relationship compatibility

The fact that Pisces and Taurus makes make such a good platonic pairing bodes well for romantic relationships, according to Gat. “Pisces is a romantic at heart, perfectly complementing sensual Taurus,” she says.

It’s not all romance and sex, though. “Pisces and Taurus are a delicious, ride-or-die astrological combo,” says astrologer Lauren DeGolia. “Taurus energy leads with love and loyalty and Pisces’ rosy outlook on relationships make a spark of any kind between these two magnetic.” With this in mind, DeGolia says that a relationship between a Pisces and Taurus is often filled with “a lot of little, thoughtful gestures that enrich the connection.” Though, she, too, admits that the sensuality is high, making Pisces and Taurus compatibility particularly fulfilling. “It's a lovefest in the bedroom for these two—Taurus with their deep appreciation for sensuality and Pisces with their soul-baring sensitivity,” she explains.

Beyond sex, romance, and sensitivity, Gat says that Pisces’ idealistic worldview tends to help Taurus find balance amongst the superficial world. “Pisces knows that the best things in life are free, which can feel freeing for Taurus who can sometimes worry about whether or not they’ll be able to secure a table at the hottest new restaurant,” Gat says.

Pisces and Taurus hardships

While Pisces and Taurus have undeniable compatibility, their relationships aren’t without flaws. “Rough patches for this relationship may occur when they don't see eye to eye on a topic,” DeGolia says. “Taurus may dig their heels in on their position or refuse to budge when they don't agree; Pisces may get lost in a wave of emotion and not know exactly how they feel about a topic at first glance, which may confuse practical Taurus.” Because of this, she says that space is paramount in a relationship between Pisceans and Taureans. “It is important for these two to give each other space to process their perspective and emotions before trying to find resolution,” she explains.

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