These 3 Picturesque Places Will Actually Pay You to Live There

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One of your biggest expenses is probably putting a roof over your head. And you're not alone: The average annual rent is around $39,000 a year in New York City, $30,000 in Los Angeles, and even $14,000 in St. Louis, according to Rent Jungle data.

But why are you spending so much when you can live in a stunning location and get paid to do so? If your monthly rent is getting you down, look into these three options, because who knows? A quiet Swiss village or tropical paradise might just be begging to become your new healthy home.

These 3 places will actually pay you to live there

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1. Albinen, Switzerland

Imagine waking up to a gorgeous mountain view every day. Well, that's exactly what you would get in the Swiss village of Albinen. And according to Travel+Leisure, new residents who promise to adhere to conditions like keeping their Zen den there for at least 10 years will get paid $25,200 per adult and $10,000 per child. Right now there are only around 240 residents in the storybook setting, so if you've been looking for a quiet and quaint locale that appears ideal for picturesque hiking views, it's pretty much the perfect pick.

2. Alaska

While you'll get a one-time payment for moving to the Albinen, one US state pays residents for residence (like, more than $2,000 every year). So, what's the catch? After living in Alaska for a year (with the intent to stay put), you'll start receiving the checks that may help you enjoy everything the state has to offer—including moose sightings, the northern lights, and plenty of nature—with some extra money in your pocket.

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3. Cancun

While the other locations can get a little chilly, you won't even need a sweater most days in Cancun, where a destination website for the city ( is currently accepting applications for a CEO (Cancun Experience Officer) who will get paid to live in the tropical paradise. The only requirement? Being willing to spend at least six months in the Mexican dreamland documenting your experience via social media—all while making $10,000 a month. Tough sell, huh?

Not ready to move? Look into doing a wellness retreat instead. Or, check out these vacations you can book for less $1,000.

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