4 Planets Will Align in Mystical Pisces on April 4, 2024, Pushing You To Dream Big

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You might assume that the date 4/4, especially in the year 2024, would have a certain spiritual significance to it, given it’s a date with repeating numbers. And in terms of numerology, a belief system that ascribes meaning to numbers beyond their mathematical value, you’d be right. The repetition of the number 4 gives this day a layer of divine protection and security. But April 4, 2024, also brings an astrological event that dials up its power: a planetary alignment. Four planets—Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune—will align in the mystical sign of Pisces.

Astronomy-wise, the April 2024 planetary alignment will put all four of these planets on the same side of the sun as the Earth. At twilight, about an hour before sunrise, you’ll actually be able to lay eyes on Venus, Mars, and Saturn, and if you have a telescope, you’ll be able to see Neptune, too. Astrologically, each of these planets symbolizes a different realm of life: Mars represents physical energy; Saturn, structure and discipline; Neptune, dreams and inspiration; and Venus, love and relationships.

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The fact that all four of these planets will align in the dreamy, emotional water sign of Pisces will cast a visionary air over their respective realms. Meaning, during the April 2024 planetary alignment, you’ll be able to dream big and get a big-picture view of how your dreams might contribute to the well-being of the broader collective. (After all, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and the most empathetic of them all, highly sensitive and tapped into the feelings of others around them.)

From a numerological perspective, April 4, 2024, has a clear concentration of the number 4, which is thought to signify the safety and security provided by our ancestral spirit guides—all the better for a day when we’re cosmically encouraged to dream up our future lives. This date also opens up a lucky 8:8 portal, according to astrologer and numerologist Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad. (You’ll notice how the digits in 4/4 add up to the number 8, and the digits in 2024 add up to 8, too.)

Coupled with the astrology of the date’s planetary alignment, the supportive energy of the date itself may come as a relief, especially while we’re in the midst of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde. Below, you’ll find a deeper dive into what you can expect from the April 4 planetary alignment and the energy of this date overall, plus how to make the most of it.

What to expect from the planetary alignment on April 4, 2024

The planetary alignment on April 4, 2024 occurs when Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune line up in Pisces. In astrology, the alignment of three or more planets in a single zodiac sign is called a stellium, which is thought to make the energy of that particular sign more prominent in the cosmos (and in turn, here on Earth). That means we can expect to feel especially compassionate and empathetic on this day (both Piscean qualities)… if also more sensitive and up in our feelings, too.

The planets involved in the April 4, 2024 planetary alignment also signal more of what we can expect. “Neptune wants everyone to aspire and dream of the future, while Saturn provides a grounded and practical dose of truth serum for how to proceed,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. Because Saturn is, again, the planet of structures and limitations, its role in this alignment could push us all to find “the discipline and tools needed” to go after our goals, she adds.

“Neptune wants everyone to aspire and dream of the future, while Saturn provides a grounded and practical dose of truth serum for how to proceed.” —Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad, numerologist and astrologer

Love-planet Venus and action-planet Mars, also both in Pisces, infuse the energy of this day with a reminder that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. As such, we should plan to focus our physical energy on that relationship before nurturing others.

If this planetary alignment in Pisces could tell you one thing, it would scream, “Stop trying to prove yourself, and start trying to improve yourself,” says astrologer and spiritual medium Loli Moon. As you turn your focus toward yourself, you may be able to glimpse a broader vision of your potential in this world.

Thankfully, there’s some additional cosmic support to ensure your vision doesn’t just remain in your head. As the Pisces stellium arrives, the sun and the north node (a point in the sky associated with fate and the future) will both be in fire sign Aries—the sign that kicks off the zodiac calendar and that’s most closely associated with go-getter, initiatory energy.

“You're ready to make courageous decisions from your heart [because of Aries] and soul [because of Pisces] on April 4,” says astrologer Stephanie Campos. Just like Aries begins the zodiac calendar, Aries energy can also lead you to start any tasks that you’ve been putting off.

On the other hand, though, Aries isn’t exactly known for thinking things through. “Stay grounded on this day, and move with a practical mindset [because] impulsivity will be at an all-time high,” cautions Alejandrez-Prasad. That’s to say, be sure to take a beat to think before you speak or act.

In any case, there will be some positive forward momentum on April 4. “The sun conjunct the north node can inspire us to take the next step on future plans we may still feel unprepared to fulfill,” says Moon. You may not witness overnight success, but the point is to just get started. “This transit [says] that what we plant today is certain to bloom in divine timing,” adds Moon.

How the numerology of 4/4 will affect the energy of this date

The date 4/4 has a lucky tinge to it from a numerological perspective. The repetition of the number 4 three times in 4/4/2024 reflects the presence of something called an angel number, or a repeating numerical sequence (in this case, angel number 444) thought to reflect a message from the universe. In particular, the number 4 is often interpreted by numerologists as a symbol of safety and security—a message from your spirit guides that you don’t need to worry about how or when something will happen; you just need to trust that it will.

Another way of interpreting the numerology of the date 4/4/2024 is to “reduce” it to a single digit, which numerologists do by simply adding the digits together repeatedly until there’s just one left. In this case, 4+4+2+0+2+4=16, and then 1+6=7. Therefore, this day is considered to be associated with the number 7, which represents introspection and spiritual growth.

“The number 7 is so powerful in numerology,” says Moon. “It connects us to the magic of the universe: There are seven major celestial bodies, seven oceans, seven continents, seven chakras.” On a “7” day like 4/4/2024, you may feel like you are in “divine alignment,” she adds.

And speaking of alignment, the date itself also creates that lucky 8:8 portal noted above, given 4+4=8 and 2+0+2+4=8, too. The balance of eights here references something called the lion’s gate portal in astrology (which occurs on August 8 each year) and is associated with prosperity, success, and balance. “This day opens up the opportunity to manifest positive abundance in your life,” says Alejandrez-Prasad.

How to make the most of the energy on April 4, 2024

There’s a strong sense of balance on April 4, 2024. The Pisces stellium is balanced by the sun and the north node in fiery Aries, and the digits on opposite sides of the date each add up to the number 8. This is your sign to do what feels right for you.

If you feel like taking some time for yourself, do that, and consider reflecting on how you might be able to improve yourself—your habits, your work ethic, your self care. Or, if you’re called to hang out with others, think about how you and your friends can help each other grow into new and improved versions of yourselves.

In any case, you certainly won’t be the only one feeling vulnerable. “Many people are going to wake up to their personal truth on April 4,” says Alejandrez-Prasad, adding that there will be a collective desire to “remove the mask.” We’ll all be more aware of how our actions affect others and the importance of acting compassionately, she says.

“Many people are going to wake up to their personal truth on April 4.” —Alejandrez-Prasad

Alejandrez-Prasad suggests embracing the energy of the day with a spiritual practice. She recommends lighting eight candles (in keeping with the 8:8 portal) and connecting each candle’s glowing flame with a positive intention as you do so. Consider starting the ritual at 8:00 a.m. or p.m., too.

Similarly, to tap into the “7” energy of 4/4/2024, consider bringing the number into your life as much as possible; set your alarm for 7 a.m., say a positive mantra seven times, connect with each of your seven chakras, or put seven crystals in your purse or pocket. Whatever you choose, you’ll be taking a step to match the frequency of the universe—and soak up the lucky energy.

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