Each Day of the Week Is Ruled by a Planet in Astrology—Here’s How To Align Your Calendar With the Cosmos

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You may have noticed that different days of the week tend to have different vibes—for instance, the positive tone of a Thursday, as a popular day for happy hours and weekend planning, or the endless slog of a Monday. Though cultural norms and personal practices can certainly influence how you perceive each day of the week, so, too, may the planetary days of the week. In astrology, each day of the week is ruled by a particular planet or luminary (aka the sun or the moon), which is thought to give the day a certain energetic undertone.

To understand how each planet shapes the vibe of the day it rules, it’s helpful to consider the meanings of the planets in astrology. For example, the moon is the planet responsible for our emotions—and it rules over Mondays, which aptly mark the moody transition back to work from the weekend. (Ever heard of the Monday blues?) By the same token, Venus is the planet that rules over beauty, love, sensuality, and money, and fittingly, its planetary day of the week is Friday—a day often associated with pleasure, leisure activities, and hanging out with loved ones.

Each planet can either help or hinder us on the path toward our goals, depending on whether we choose to respect its powers and honor its challenges. For example, instead of feeling fearful of Saturn, which is often associated with limitations and restrictions, we could instead look to its authoritarian energy as a force that helps us connect to structure and dedication.

Setting up specific tasks and areas of focus for each day that take into account its planetary ruler can help you feel aligned, empowered, and in control of your daily experience.

One particular way to work with—rather than fight against—the energy of each planet is to use the planetary days of the week to plan our activities accordingly. Setting up specific tasks and areas of focus for each day that take into account its planetary ruler can help you feel aligned, empowered, and in control of your daily experience. Below, find star-sanctioned insights on how you can set up your weekly schedule with the planetary days of the week in mind.

How to use the planetary days of the week to optimize your calendar

Monday: the moon

The moon is the ruler of our emotions. Just like the phases of the moon, our emotions are an ever-changing and cyclical aspect of our human experience. On moon-ruled Mondays, you may feel more introspective, nurturing, intuitive, and deeply emotional.

Themes: fertility, intuition, divination

Aligned tasks: Journaling, reflecting, meditating, resting, embracing a spiritual practice, expressing your emotions, spending time with people you feel close to and can trust, and preparing for the week ahead. You can honor the moon by wearing silver, indigo, or blue hues.

Tuesday: Mars

Mars is the planet of power, and the Mars energy of Tuesdays helps us to feel invigorated and energized to take action and initiate new projects or plans.

Themes: passion, aggression, forward movement

Aligned tasks: Completing several items on your work or personal to-do list, doing high-intensity exercise, dancing, taking action on creative ideas, trying something outside of your comfort zone, getting your adrenaline pumping, and starting new projects. You can honor Mars by wearing red or donning metal accessories.

Wednesday: Mercury

Mercury is the planet of communication. This energy helps us to focus on intellectual pursuits, communicate effectively, and think clearly about any projects or goals to which we devote time and attention on Wednesdays.

Themes: technology, travel, socializing, connecting with others

Aligned tasks: Writing, reading, researching, catching up on emails, thinking about long-term plans, scheduling meetings, networking, and brainstorming. You can honor Mercury by spending time learning or using technology.

Thursday: Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Its energy brings an extra dose of good luck to whatever we touch (or invest in) and supports us on a spiritual level. On Jupiter-ruled Thursdays, we may feel more positive about our future and more motivated to be productive.

Themes: luck, growth, positivity, gratitude

Aligned tasks: Investing in the projects or relationships in your life that you want to grow, budgeting, making a vision board, pitching ideas, using meditation for visualization, devoting energy to new work projects, and connecting with spiritual teachers or mentors. You can honor Jupiter by sharing your positivity with others or complimenting a stranger.

Friday: Venus

Venus is the planet of love, sex, beauty, and money, and it desires both divinity and respect. It only follows that Venus-ruled Fridays tend to feel aligned for connecting with loved ones, hosting a party, and generally leaning into matters of the heart.

Themes: pleasure, joy, romance, harmony

Aligned tasks: Embracing self care, getting dressed up in a way that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, writing poetry, listening to soothing music, heightening your five senses, visiting an art gallery, lighting candles, making art, spending time in nature, resting, and sharing a meal with a close friend or lover. You can honor Venus by wearing green, doing mirror work, and reminding yourself of how beautiful and loved you are.

Saturday: Saturn

Saturn is dubbed the taskmaster in astrology and encourages us to implement, dedicate time and energy, and get things done. Overall, the planet has an authoritative, tough-love energy, which is why it’s perhaps best known for the challenging and growth-inspiring Saturn return transit (when it returns to the location it was in when you were born).

Although Saturday is typically a weekend day, this Saturnian day is actually best suited for tying up loose ends and getting organized. And if you’ve ever checked off a to-do list on a Saturday in order to leave Sunday unscheduled, you know the freeing power of working with Saturn’s energy.

Themes: discipline, routines, academia, progress

Aligned tasks: Organizing your home or space, preparing for the week ahead (e.g., meal prep, setting out a schedule, grocery shopping), studying, learning, enforcing boundaries, doing a goal-oriented workout, budgeting, future-forecasting, and doing chores. You can honor Saturn by wearing dark blue or black, and by getting things done with the goal of freeing up time, space, and mental energy for the relaxation you deserve.

Sunday: the sun

The sun is all about joy, self-expression, and vitality. In turn, Sunday (quite literally, the sun’s day in astrology) is a great day to release work, tasks, and responsibilities, and simply rest and enjoy yourself. (They don’t call it "Sunday fun-day" for nothing.) The sun is life-giving and helps us to feel energized from day to night without feeling wired—an ideal state of being for celebrating life however you deem fit.

Themes: gratitude, energy, relaxation, creativity, connection, joy

Aligned tasks: Cooking a meal for friends and loved ones, spending time outside, playing games, exercising, resting and relaxing, doing creative activities, spending time on just-for-fun hobbies, unplugging, being present, and refraining from plans or rigid schedules. You can honor the sun by wearing gold accessories or the color yellow.

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