10 Unique Planners for Every Habit You Want To Build in 2023 (No, It’s *Not* Too Late To Get One)

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Whether you set resolutions, goals, or intentions, suffice it to say that the glimmering promise of the new year has inspired us all to embrace some form of change, big or small, in 2023. And if you’re the kind of person who lives by lists and planners, you’re probably in the process of swapping out your outdated stationery in favor of fresh, blank pages. But before you add that run of the mill planner to your cart, consider how your new planner can help you stick with new habits more effectively. It’s not about what you can write in your planner, but what your planner can do for you.

Say you want to start budgeting this year, for example. A planner with financial tracking sections for daily expenses, bills, and savings goals would serve you way better than the typical daily, weekly, or monthly calendar layouts found in most planners. If 2023 is the year of reprioritizing you, get yourself a planner that puts self care first. If you want to order less takeout, there are food-specific planners that’ll help you plan meals at home and drop some essential cooking tips along the way. And if you want to hit a fitness goal or just work more movement into your daily routine, there are planners for that too. (Pro-tip: You can also follow our Renew Year 2023 plan to help you achieve some of these goals as a W+G community!)

To save you the trouble of having to find all of these amazing planners yourself, though, we scoured the web to find the best planners for every habit you want to build in the new year.

The best planners if you want to...


Save money

clever fox financial budgeting planner with sticker sheets behind it for best planners for every habit
Clever Fox, Budget Planner — $22.00

If you want to take charge of your finances this year, this Clever Fox Budget Planner will help you do it. The user-friendly planner has everything from pages to list your financial goals, expenses, savings, and debt trackers, to monthly budget charts and yearly spending recaps. What’s more, it has over 19,900 5-star ratings on Amazon, so it’s clearly delivering. Reviewers love the comprehensive instructions that make filling it out easy, and the motivating stickers (that highlight important due dates, pay days, and financial milestones) that make tracking your finances fun.

“What I love about this journal is that it has just enough structure to be helpful, but enough flexibility to use it the way that works best for you,” wrote one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review. Another shopper says she bought hers as part of a 2020 New Years resolution, and has been using it ever since! “I needed something that would really make me think about how I spend my hard earned money and make goals about how I was going to achieve better spending habits. This book does exactly that.”

Boost productivity at work

smart planner pro with sticker sheets sticking out for best planners for every habit
Smart Planner, Smart Planner Pro — $17.00

Originally $35, now $17

For folks with a steadily growing to-do list, the Smart Planner Pro will help you boost productivity and get the absolute most out of your work day. The non-dated, hard cover planner includes weekly and monthly layouts that break down even the most hectic of work days into manageable chunks. The monthly layout provides space to brainstorm, take notes, set affirmations, and keep track of looming deadlines; while the weekly section delivers plenty of space to track daily habits and to-dos, highlight priority projects, and keep an hourly schedule. What’s more, it comes with four sticker sheets that add color to your work week and block off important events like meetings and PTO.

Among the 800 5-star reviews, the Smart Planner’s straightforward layout and durable, high-quality feel are key standouts. “I love how I can see my entire week on a single spread, and each day broken up by hour,” wrote one shopper in a 5-star review. “It has REALLY helped me stay on top of meetings, appointments, homework and project deadlines throughout my graduate program. I recommend this planner to everyone who notices it, and will continue to get these forever!”

Level up your fitness

cossac fitness journal and workout planner, one of the best planners for every habit
Cossac, Fitness Journal & Workout Planner — $19.00

If you’re looking to improve your fitness level in the new year, consider this Cossac Workout Planner your newest gym bag essential. The hardcover spiral planner has 140 day’s worth of exercise logs—where you can record your exercises, sets, weights used, and more—motivating goal sheets, monthly calendar pages to track the frequency of your workouts, and spaces to record your own personal fitness stats to better understand your progress. The flexible, fitness-forward layouts are whatever you make them, making this workout planner a must for anyone who wants to get more movement in this year, regardless of their unique goals or fitness level.

“I am on my 3rd one!” wrote one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review. “I have been using fitness journals for years, but wanted a change to fit my own needs. This one does it, and it is sturdy and nice-looking as a bonus.”

Cook more

poketo food planner, one of the best planners for every habit, on a white background
Poketo, Food Planner — $28.00

Whether you’re trying to order less takeout, improve your cooking skills, or just be more mindful about what you eat in 2023, this design-forward food planner is thoughtfully designed to help you do it. Between its gorgeous, graphic covers, you’ll find 128 high quality pages with layouts that include open-ended prompts (like “what was the best thing you ate this year?”), shopping lists, recipe pages, an open dated weekly calendar to help plan out meals, and an always useful measurement guide that’ll save you time in the kitchen.

“I work as a chef and this planner has changed the game for me,” wrote one Poketo customer in a 5-star review. “This little gem has everything you need to keep things organized, prevent food waste, and ensure you stay on top of the food game. I highly recommend it to anyone no matter the degree of cook you might be.”

Go on more trips

lamare travel journal cover, one of the best planners for every habit
Lamare, Travel Journal — $14.00

This Lamare Travel Journal is a must for staying on top of your 2023 travel plans. Designed to accommodate six trips, the undated, hardcover planner is complete with a map page to mark your destinations, bucket list pages to jot down activities and sights to see, budget pages to help keep track of spending, and journaling pages primed for documenting the highlights of your trips, and attach photos along the way. Factor in the modern design on the cover and the spiral binding, and you’ve got yourself a travel planner you’ll want to take with you on all of your adventures this year.

“Perfect for someone who likes to track budgets, flights, packing, and memories,” shared one Amazon customer in a 5-star review. “Nice hardcover, cute design, and a good size. I think this travel book will be quite useful and fun.”

Read more

my reading life journal cover, one of the best planners for every habit
Anne Bogel, My Reading Life Book Journal — $14.00

If you set lofty reading goals for yourself this year, this Reading Journal by Anne Bogel makes for the ultimate ‘planner.’ The compact, hardcover journal has plenty of space to record your thoughts, ratings, and impressions for up to 100 books—making it the perfect place to track your 2023 reading goal with intention. There’s a habit tracker to help build up your reading cadence, fun questionnaires that help you learn more about your reading preferences, and a TBR (to be read) page fit for tracking the books you want to add to your shelf. What’s more, Anne Bogel included seasonal and genre-specific book recommendations, and useful reading tips throughout! Guaranteeing that you’ll discover something new and improve on your reading habit this year.

“Love this reading journal!” gushes one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review. “It’s wonderful to not only have a place to write about the books I read, but all the extra features are great too. The table of contents makes it easy to find each book I’ve reviewed, and the lists of suggestions are great also!”

Keep a cleaner space

cleaning planner cover with flowers on it, one of the best planners for every habit
Ashlem Press, Cleaning Planner — $6.00

Everyone loves a clean and tidy space, but maintaining it can take some practice. Enter the Cleaning Planner—a simple, fuss-free guide that’ll put your 2023 cleaning aspirations to paper and help make tidying up a regular part of your routine. It includes a master cleaning checklist household cleaning task you can imagine, from small daily habits like making your bed and putting away clothes, to larger monthly tasks, such as cleaning behind furniture and washing your shower curtains. The cleaning schedule pages have spots for personal cleaning goals, daily and monthly tasks, and free-writing space for notes and necessary supplies. The only thing more satisfying than a clean space is the satisfaction of checking off each task when it’s done.

“I’m not a clean freak and I get overwhelmed when I think of cleaning our entire 4 bedroom, 4 bath house weekly in addition to other things life throws at us,” wrote one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review. “This cute notebook may help bring some “fun” to it as well as help me focus on one room a day instead of looking at it all at once and getting tired before I start. It’s nice to be able to write in my own tasks so I can change it up weekly.”

Prioritize self-care

ban.do wellness planner on a white background
Ban.do, Wellness Planner — $30.00

If you’re making 2023 the year of you, this self-care guided planner by Ban.do is a no-brainer. It’s split up into five sections designed to support overall wellness: intention, self-care, headspace, physical wellness, and nutrition. The daily pages have spots to set intentions, write affirmations, set priorities (and decide what can be left for later), remind yourself about calls, and jot down to-dos. But that’s not all—it’s sprinkled with gorgeously laid out pages full of helpful info and advice that’ll inspire you to take better care of you—like how to embrace growth, and build a healthy and empowering movement practice. And because every planner needs cute stickers, the Wellness Planner includes two pages full of them.

“I’m a sucker for focusing on self development and these journals make it so easy and fun,” wrote one Ban.do shopper. “It takes what would normally be a stressful occurrence and turns it into something positive and helpful.”

Become a planner

papier my daily planner on a grey background
Papier, Daily Planner — $29.00

Originally $32, now $29

For the person who’s not really a planner, but wants to become one in 2023, Papier’s Daily Planner is a solid choice that’ll help you get the most out of planning your days. Unlike blank planners that require some finessing to work for you, this undated,16-week planner has daily and weekly layouts and easy to follow fields that’ll take the guesswork out of planning. Want to write a to-do list? There’s a space for that. Write monthly goals? There’s one for that, too. There are sections designed to help track your progress with new habits, and even dedicated shopping list sections to make meal prep easy. What’s more, there are tons of stunning cover art designs to choose from on Papier’s site.

Be more creative

jstory large monthly planner
Jstory, Large Monthly Planner — $10.00

Originally $12, now $10

Move over bullet journal, creatives are all about the Large Monthly Planner in 2023. With its simple, undated monthly calendar layout, this magazine-sized planner is a blank canvas for the artistically inclined looking to keep organized and flex their creative muscles in the new year. Every calendar month takes up a two-page spread in this oversized beauty, and the daily squares offer plenty of space for notes, to-dos, event reminders, and due dates—it’s pretty much begging to be personalized with illustrations, colorful highlights, stickers, and whatever else you can think of. Even the cover provides plenty of real estate for customization, which any budding creative will appreciate.

Amazon shoppers love the oversized design and the flexible layout. “I really like the size of the planner and the large squares. You must write the month and days yourself but that provides you an opportunity to be creative!” wrote one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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