4 Plant-Based Ingredients With Crazy Skin-Care Benefits (That You Don’t Already Know About)

You never go anywhere without a jar of coconut oil, and the most committed relationship you’re in is with your paraben-free moisturizer. But even if you've got the basics of your natural beauty routine down, certain ingredients can take your skin from status quo to next-level.

But in the world of plant-based skin-care, the options are seemingly endless. So how do you know which ones are right for you—especially when your skin's needs can change from day to day and season to season?

Herbalist Rachelle Robinett says you can employ the powers of some lesser known plant all-stars to target your skin's issues—and says it's worth doing your research.

“Plant-based skincare is one of the purest ways to treat our skin,” she says. “By using simple, natural ingredients, we're trusting nature's wisdom and ability to help us be healthy—rather than interfering with it by isolating compounds or processing the life out of nutrients.”

Not only do plant-focused solutions typically smell amazing, but they're also rich in polyphenols—the substance that has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects.

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So what are these under-the-radar game-changers? Extracts from pine bark, blackcurrants, rosemary, and sunflower oil—some of which you might already stock in your kitchen.

No, that doesn't mean you should race to your spice cabinet and dump some herbs into your night cream. Beauty powerhouse Yon-KA Paris has formulated four elixirs (made of up to 99 percent plant-based ingredients) that you can add to your go-to products to get the job done.

That means you can customize your skin-care routine to exactly what every layer of skin may need at any given moment—and all you have to do is add a few drops of the boosters to your normal moisturizer. There's HYDRA+ for hydration, LIFT+ for skin-firming action, NUTRI+ for a regenerating effect, and DEFENSE+ to protect your face with a mega dose of antioxidants.

We asked Robinett to weigh in on four compounds prevalent in Yon-KA Paris’ Booster that can take your complexion one step closer to flawless—because who doesn’t want dewier and more radiant skin?

Ready to herbal-infused transformation ASAP? Scroll down to learn more about these four under-the-radar skin-care all-stars.

Blackcurrant: Found in HYDRA+

Going for super soft skin? The oil from this tangy berry seriously delivers. It’s high in vitamins B and C, helping to lock in moisture and delivering loads of antioxidants. “Blackcurrant’s antioxidant capacity is one of the highest of any fruit,” Robinett says. “Meaning blackcurrants are potent fruits in fighting aging and oxidation.”

They’re even good for your skin if you eat them as a snack (you can get them whole, juiced, or powdered) because they promote circulation. Think post-workout glow, without the sweat.

Sunflower Oil: Found in NUTRI+

Sunflower oil shouldn’t just collect dust in your pantry as your olive oil alternative—it’s also super soothing for the skin. “Sunflower oil has a nice vitamin E content, which is like magic for regenerating cells,” Robinett says.

The multi-tasking ingredient could even help heal blemishes, fade scars, and diminish sun spots—and Robinett says it's especially adept at repairing dry skin after cold, windy months. (Hello, new spring must-have.)

Rosemary: Found in LIFT+

Living in a pollution-filled city can wreak havoc on your skin, but rosemary could help counteract some of that damage by acting as a gentle disinfectant. Its anti-aging and antiseptic properties are similar to mint, and its natural astringent benefits also tone, tighten, and firm tissues to help your skin maintain its youthful contour.

It can help ease anxiety and heighten mood when ingested, too. (Robinett always carries a sprig with her to help calm her down on stressful days.) 

Pine Bark: Found in DEFENSE+

“Pine is such a beautiful, generous plant!” Robinett says. “We get its shade, scent, nuts, needles, and also a powerful extract from its bark.”

Pine bark extract, which Robinett calls “nature’s aspirin,” is super high in antioxidants that can help increase the absorption of vitamin C (so it could help your skin get extra goodness out of blackcurrant extract if the two were paired up). Consider it your skin’s nicest BFF.

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Top photo: Stocksy/Maja Topcagic

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