5 Easy Plants To Propagate in Soil—And Exactly How To Do It

Photo: Stocksy/Malquerida Studio
What's more rewarding as a plant parent than getting to see one of your favorite plants have children of its own? Indeed propagating your plants makes you feel like you've really made it. While propagating in water is probably the most common method, propagating plant cuttings in soil is the most highly-recommended way to go about it.

Plant experts say cuttings develop a better root system in a potting mix than they do in water. While Bloomscape recommends rooting your cuttings via water if you're new to propagation (it's fun to see the roots develop right before your eyes!), doing so in soil is actually really simple, too.

Always search for specific instructions before propagating a certain plant, as there are many different techniques to use depending on the type of plant you're working with. Here are five options you can easily propagate in soil to get you started.

Plant cuttings you can propagate in soil

1. Pothos, $35

plant cuttings in soil
Photo: Bloomscape

Vining plants like pothos are super easy to propagate in soil. Bloomscape says to fill a pot with fresh soil, making sure it's at least 3/4 full. Then take a cutting of a plant (which must include a node, as that's were the roots grow from), poke your finger a few inches into the soil, and place the cutting in the hole. Fill your pot the rest of the way with soil, press down the soil to secure it, and water it.

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2. Monstera, $27

Photo: Lowe's

Monsteras are propagated the same way pothos are. Since these stunning plants can be expensive and hard to find, being able to turn one into many will make your home feel like nothing short of a jungle.

Shop now: Monstera, $27

3. Philodendron, $65

plant cuttings in soil
Photo: Bloomscape

Another vining plant, philodendrons are also easy to propagate in soil. Just use the same instructions as pothos. Before you know it, the roots will form and your new plant babies will be thriving.

Shop now: Philodendron, $65

4. Spider plant, $30

Photo: Lowe's

Propagating spider plants in soil is really simple. Just snip a baby off the mother plant (aka a spiderette), then plant it directly in fresh soil. After it develops new roots, you'll start to see new leaves pop up.

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5. Snake plant, $60

plant cuttings in soil
Photo: The Sill

To propagate a snake plant in soil, you have to wait until it has a baby—aka a pup. Once the pup is about five inches tall, take the plant out of its pot and gently remove the pup. After you have it separated, you can stick it in some fresh soil and grow a new plant.

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