Follow These 12 Plant Influencers for a Green Escape—and More Than a Few Great Tips

Being stuck at home isn't so bad when you're surrounded by plants. All that greenery doesn't just boost your mood and make you happy—caring for your plants (and constantly collecting more!) is also the ultimate quarantine hobby. But there are some incredible plant influencers who can provide you with a green escape no matter where you live.

The instant you start scrolling through the feeds of these plant influencers, you'll feel your stress melt away. It's a thing. Between their gorgeous spaces—many of which are filled with hundreds of different plants—to their unbeatable care tips, you'll be tapping that "follow" button immediately. Here are 12 plant influencers you should know about.

Plant influencers with more than a few great tips

1. Christopher Griffin, aka The Plant Kween


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No one—and I mean no one—makes living that plant life look more fun than Christopher Griffin, aka The Plant Kween. The second you start scrolling through his bubbly feed, you'll smile. Trust me. You'll only need to read one caption to want to become best friends.

2. Maryah Greene


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Maryah Greene is always teaching people Plant 101, whether it's on Instagram, on talk shows, or through her company Greene Piece, where she gives virtual consultations, offers plant shopping dates, styling services, acts as a plant doctor, and more.

3. Summer Rayne Oakes


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Summer Rayne Oakes, an environmental scientist, entomologist, and plant expert, has been helping people reconnect with nature in city settings for years through Homestead Brooklyn. You know she's a pro when she somehow keeps 700+ plants alive and thriving in her 1,200-square-foot apartment.

4. Jen Tao


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Jen Tao, the succulent and houseplant enthusiast behind @jenssuccs, is nothing short of a succulent whisperer. They're inside her home, outside her home, and they come in every color of the rainbow.

5. Bri Saintt


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Bri Saintt, the Atlanta-based plant stylist, consultant, and set designer behind @eargardn, provides an equal amount of dreamy plant 'grams and motivation. The life lesson she learned from her monstera, for instance, is a must-read—and that's just one of the many pieces of advice you'll pick up while following along with her dreamy plant-filled life.

6. Nick Cutsumpas


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If you're looking for a plant coach, Nick Cutsumpas is your guy. Also a self-proclaimed apartment farmer, the New York City-based plant expert is always sharing his tips and tricks—as well as plenty of gorgeous plant photos.

7. Hilton Carter


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Hilton Carter, a Baltimore, Maryland-based plant and interior stylist, doesn't just share his dreamy plant-filled space on Instagram. He also teaches you how to create one of your own through his virtual propagation classes that you can book through Airbnb Experiences.

8. Darryl Cheng


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Darryl Cheng of @houseplantjournal provides a plethora of free information for anyone who wants to be a better plant mom. From the ins and outs of when and how to water your plants to how to actually keep an orchid alive, he's got you covered.

9. Naomi Painter


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Naomi Painter, the plant enthusiast behind @naomiplanter, basically has a plant wonderland within her apartment in Portland, Oregon. There's rare plants (like the dragon bone ghost cactus), unique succulents, and more—all of which will make you want to run off to a greenhouse and stock up immediately.

10. Garden Marcus


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Dino update ? Hope you're smiling wherever you are ?

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There's a good chance you've seen one of Garden Marcus' videos come up on your For You page on TikTok. Not only does he provide an impressive amount of info any plant-lover can benefit from, but he also does so in such a fun, uplifting way. Just watch him teaching the world how to propagate a pineapple and you'll know exactly what I mean.

11. Rachel Mayo


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Once you start scrolling through Rachel Mayo's Instagram @growinthelight, you won't be able to stop. The Louisiana-based plant lady doesn't just share her own love of plants. She also shares how she involves her kiddos in the process, whether it's going to a greenhouse or having them help with plant care.

12. Tylor Rogers


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Portland-based plant enthusiast Tylor Rogers of @urlocalplantboy makes owning an urban jungle look easy with his collection of stunning plants—many of which you've probably never seen before. The good news is he shares his tips and tricks so you're able to work on bettering your own green thumb, too.

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